Proof that Ed Miliband was and is an idiot: @StewartWood edition

Because one of his advisers has just said this:

Now, whatever your political views, most people would agree that our chancellor is one of the best readers of the game of politics. Which is what makes this moment of spectacular misjudgment so surprising. A cursory look at the Google tax deal is enough to show how ridiculous Osborne’s boasting was: a back payment of £13m per year for the past decade, which is probably not much more than Google’s annual spending on chicken in its UK staff canteens, and a paltry (sorry for the pun) 2.5% of the company’s annual UK profits.

Ignorant sodding twat. Google ain’t paying 2.5% on its UK profits. Not a chance.

It might be paying 2.5% on profits derived from sales in the UK, possibly, but that’s a very different thing.

Stewart Wood (Lord Wood of Anfield) is shadow cabinet minister without portfolio and an adviser to Ed Miliband in the leader’s office. He is a fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford University, and was an adviser to Gordon Brown at the Treasury and in Downing Street from 2001 to 2010.

Anyone wonder now why we hold politicians in the contempt we should for such lying cunts?

12 thoughts on “Proof that Ed Miliband was and is an idiot: @StewartWood edition”

  1. I would have thought that having been an adviser to the Scottish cuvt was not something to boast about considering he bankrupted the country.

  2. Brown was failing to look into what was happening in the UK banks, which contributed substantially to the global problems. And he was borrowing like a drunken sailor (much of it deviously hidden ‘off balance sheet’ by PFI), which left us in a much worse position to deal with the crisis than many of our competitors.

    The most staggeringly incompetent Chancellor in history, although admittedly he looks like a financial genius compared to the current shadow incumbent. LOLZ indeed.

  3. I thought the whole thing with the Google “deal” was that they’d listed one of their costs on Schedule H at 2.5% markdown when it should have been listed on Schedule W at 2.4% markdown, so they “agreed” with HMRC that that resulted in their allowable costs being £650m less, so they “agreed” to pay the 20% CorpTax on those “hidden” profits.

    No different to when one year I accidently included funished-letting allowance after I’d moved to unfurnished letting, and so paid the unpaid tax the next year.

  4. Osbourne is a buffoon whose left-sucking actions have proved him worthy of a place in any Miliband Cabinet.

    The one under the kitchen sink would prob suit him best. Only the second, servants kitchen of course. They wouldn’t want him trying to grab at Mrs M’s equipment.

  5. “In 2003, just at the time of a previous Mansion House speech, the Worldcom accounting scandal broke. And I will be honest with you, many who advised me including not a few newspapers, favoured a regulatory crackdown.

    I believe that we were right not to go down that road which in the United States led to Sarbannes-Oxley, and we were right to build upon our light touch system through the leadership of Sir Callum McCarthy – fair, proportionate, predictable and increasingly risk based. I know Sir Callum is committed to reducing regulatory administrative burdens and the National Audit Office will now look at the efficiency and value for money of our system.

    Let me say I see no case for a European single regulator and will continue to reject such a proposal, just as we will resist the new and unnecessary proposals to harmonisation corporate taxation in Europe.”

    Gordon Brown – 2004 Mansion House Speech.

  6. So how exactly are the French and Italian governments planning to extract their pounds of flesh from Google, if they’re operating the same way in those countries as in the UK?

  7. ‘Google’s annual spending on chicken in its UK staff canteens, and a paltry (sorry for the pun)’

    What pun? Paltry sounds somewhat like poultry? Hebephrenic idiot.

  8. “The most staggeringly incompetent Chancellor in history”: could be. I thought him an appalling Chancellor, but not an unusually bad PM. Hell, he didn’t start any wars. Cameron has attacked Libya and Yemen, and somebody – hell, anybody – in Syria.

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