Seriously, this is cruel, beyond the pale

Donald Trump faces accusations that he’s a Nickelback fan

You can insult a man’s wife, girlfriend, mistress, children, sexual tastes, intelligence, even his dog, but to say he likes Nick….well, we’ll not swear around here, we never do….them is just beyond the pale.

5 thoughts on “Seriously, this is cruel, beyond the pale”

  1. Nickelback is an “you like them or hate them”deal that has evolved into Internet Meme status.

    It’s gotten so bad you can take a non-chart number of them, play it at a H8ter , and have them agree it’s good before revealing it’s their Most H8ted Band quite consistently.

    Not that I’d ever do such a thing, of course O:)

  2. Nickelback are great basic north american rock. Nowt wrong with them if you’re not stuck up your own arse pretending to like some trendy indy shit but feeling hollow inside 🙂

  3. AFAIK the Nickelback hatred started with an episode of American Dad that ripped on them. Personally I don’t mind when their songs come on unlike Sarah Mclachlan* whose sad puppy song has undoubtedly led to the destruction of western society.

    *sorry for that ear worm

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    No, sorry, Nickelback are fucking awful. They’re not as bad as Creed (who is?) but they are terrible, anodyne, cringe-making purveyors of Shite Rock.

    Sarah McLachlan is ace.

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