Men will be advised to drink no more than a pint and a half of beer a day in new health guidelines for 2016, it was reported today.
Under new Government advice due in January it is claimed daily alcohol guidelines are being cut so the “safe level” is the same for men and women.

Yes, yes, this feminist equality thing but that’s just ridiculous. There really are physical differences between the sexes and things like blood volume and so on are one of them.

That’s entirely aside from the fact that those “safe levels” were entirely pulled from the collective arsehole anyway.

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  1. 2016

    Twattery on the loose. No change. I weigh around 80 kilos, my worse half around 48 and she gets the same rations? Sod off.

    Without beer our British ancestors would all have died of dysentery. Weak beer avoid contaminated water sources and provided vitamins (B, I think).

    So sod off, and mine’s a pint of best bitter in a straight glass. I need to live dangerously!

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’ve just finalised my goals for 2016 but I think I’ll add drinking more than 1.5 pints of beer a day. Shouldn’t be hard and will be quite enjoyable.

  3. Our socialist healthcare system encourages this nanny statism because it has no incentives for people to look after their own health, and all governments are advised that NHS costs can be contained only by making us all live more ‘healthily’. The puritans, bansturbators and officious libtards have jumped on the bandwagon.

  4. Equalising the drinking rations is clearly the evil patriarchy at work – it will better protect men as they do tend to be bigger.

    It is a handy example of equality madness. Insisting men and women get the same level of alcohol recommendation when there are entirely sensible reasons to do otherwise, rather than be truly gender blind and have recommendations based on weight. Or better yet have no recommendations at all.

  5. After my new years eve, I’m not sure I ever want to see booze again, even if it’s only a pint and a half of it.

  6. PF

    Don’t joke. As Brendan ‘o Neill points out, offering abortion only to “women” is discriminatory

    ‘While we have used the term women here, [we] recognise that not everyone who may need an abortion is a woman.


    Midwife associations are being pressured to announce that they ‘serve women and people of all genders’. They are being asked to ditch the term ‘expectant mothers’ in favour of ‘pregnant individuals’.

  7. ” be truly gender blind and have recommendations based on weight”

    That would be fun:

    ‘You’re all right luv, you’re a big lass, you can have a few more drinks. OWWWWW! What did you hit me for???’

  8. T.
    ‘and all governments are advised that NHS costs can be contained only by making us all live more ‘healthily’.’
    Which is odd as it will actually increase costs. If you want to reduce NHS costs, get more people to smoke.

  9. Theophrastus said:
    “all governments are advised that NHS costs can be contained only by making us all live more ‘healthily’”

    I think it’s wider than that; not just about saving money. I think the process is:

    The NHS means that the health of the population has become something the government should do something about.

    Then we get targets for improving health.

    Then they realise that providing free treatment isn’t enough, that a lot of ill health is caused by people’s attitudes or “lifestyle decisions”, so they have to try to “improve” the public in order to improve its health.

  10. Am I missing something here? One and a half pints of average strength beer is three units, that’s per day, which is 21 units per week, which is what the recommendation has been since forever, so where is the “cut”?

  11. @ Runcie Balspune
    The cut is from 3-4 units per day for up to seven days a week to 2-3 units per day for at most five days a week.
    Roughly halving the “safe level” for men.
    Whioch was already half the “safe level” of “not more than eight half-pints” enshrined in the phrase “one over the eight”.

  12. Richard
    The health of the nation has concerned the commanders of our armed forces, and so the state, for centuries. However, the NHS introduced the element of health costs to the state’s deliberations.

  13. “a pint of best bitter in a straight glass”: a straight glass? Why eschew that triumph of popular arts and crafts, the dimpled pint mug? It’s as fine as … oh, the original coke bottle, say.

  14. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It’s at times like these that I almost forget why I stopped drinking*. These humourless fuckers are like those Dementor wotsits in Harry Potter. They suck the joy out of things. I sort of want to go out and get bladdered just to spite them.

    * then I remember why, and not having to work with a fucking awful hangover on Jan 1st is high on the list.

  15. I wonder what my friend’s grandmother, 80 years old when I last saw her, would have thought of this. She very nearly drank me under the fucking table at a wedding (and that’s a big ask) .

    She was a true lady – she never filled her own glass. She just meaningfully looked at it until one of the menfolk topped it up with chilled white wine. Throat clearing occurred after about, say, ten seconds of glass emptiness.

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