7 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. -IanB

    Maybe bacause on average the Nordics comply with the geographically local ideal of desireableness as a mate?
    Tall, handsome, blond-ish, intelligent, generally good providers even in harsh conditions, historically proven to be able to whoop ass if provoked.
    Plus the fact that the Nordics historically are an important part of the genetic base of some 80% of the british nobility, if not more? Don’t forget that the Saxons hailed from current-Denmark as well…

  2. Very few donors in UK now because of the law that means that any children you have via donation can find out who you are, at age 18 I think. No such rules in Denmark so there are many more donors in the bank.

    Also any woman who knows anything about genetics, or is suitably well counselled, wouldn’t touch a sperm bank with such a small base anyway – potentially too many unknown half-siblings around.

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