So which language should we use to call Brussels?

Safe to talk? Brussels invites foreigners to call city and chat to locals
Phones have been placed in Belgian capital for residents to answer in the hope they can reassure potential overseas visitors

What’s best? French, Flemish or Arabic?

7 thoughts on “So which language should we use to call Brussels?”

  1. Yeah,right. And I can hear the “All calls are recorded for…” spiel. Prosecutions for Sprouts dissing their own city to etrangers?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    They need to put up a sign with a lot of handy phrases in important languages like Arabic, Turkish, Pashtu and Hausa. Such as:

    “I have a spare bedroom”

    “We are deeply sorry about colonialism”

    “Why yes I do have a daughter”.

    These people are insane.

  3. Having spent a bit of time in the centre of Brussels in the last year, I’m not sure I met anyone who was born in the country, let alone the city. French and some variety of languages between Turkish and Arabic seems more like it.

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