The joys of January in Central Europe

Walking to work this morning…..-11 oC. Predicted high for the day, -6 oC.

Hmm, that trip to Portugal tomorrow is looking good.

5 thoughts on “The joys of January in Central Europe”

  1. I’ve lived and worked in Eastern Europe, not Portugal. On the weather front, Central Europe is great, being cold in winter and hot in summer. Portugal too, being generally mild in winter and hot in summer. Both don’t seem to have the constant grey skies, rain and flat temperatures throughout the year as our depressing UK does, although I may be wrong about rainfall in parts of Portugal.

    However, in my opinion where Central Europe scores v highly is in the attractiveness of its women. Much higher (sorry Tim) than Portugal and the UK.

  2. Currently working my way through Europe backpacking, but with more restaurants, just stepped off the plane from Berlin to Vienna and it is a balmy -3. Was -14 in Stockholm when I left, bloody cold.

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