The terrors of the West Country

The picturesque Dorset market town of Sherborne was left reeling this week after an unknown party committed two unprovoked yoghurt attacks on unsuspecting members of the public.

How do we know it was unprovoked?

Business-owner Alison Nurton, a victim of one of the attacks, spoke to the Central Somerset Gazette about the incident. She was pelted with yoghurt at around 7pm on Wednesday evening as she arrived at her haberdashery, Butterfly Bright on Cheap Street, where she was due to teach a crochet class.

After all, even for Dorset a crochet class in a haberdashery is a bit twee isn’t it? The Dorset Liberation Front protesting for the return of strong cider and rural starvation perhaps?

17 thoughts on “The terrors of the West Country”

  1. Caught in the crossfire between Ernie and Two Ton Ted from Teddington. She was lucky it wasn’t a rock cake.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I was going to make a snide comment about the West Country needing some of that Cultural Enrichment and Diversity that Rusty and Frances wants us all to suffer. But I can’t be ar$ed.

    Stories from a Dying Britain.

  3. This is obviously a haberdashery range war. Could turn messy.
    Have the constabulary created a crime scene and taken samples of the yoghurt.
    Crochet hooks can inflict a wound when covered in processed milk products.

  4. Where better to hold a crochet class?

    I like crochet. A friend of mine crochets complex mathematical figures (related to her area of research) and dinosaurs (related to her husband’s) 🙂

  5. “The picturesque Dorset market town of Sherborne was left reeling this week”

    Hardly the Blitz spirit in Sherborne then. I doubt the town really was ‘reeling’.

  6. This is about as fraught as it gets for us West Country people – unlike the ‘murder capital’ of Britain, Boston in Lincolnshire (15 cases per 100k people/year, according to Home Office data).

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    I play golf at Sherborne, they’re all a bit odd up there. I think its to do with being so close to to Somerset.

  8. @BiND
    Any more snarky remarks about Somerset and the clotted cream will start flying!

    Deadly, especially if frozen!

  9. Are the adverts true? Did it go straight to the bowel area?

    Pellionor: Wow, dinosaurs, eh? That’s a lot of wool…

  10. Only thing to do with blue vinney – use it as an offensive weapon. Certainly wouldn’t want to eat the stuff.

    Blue vinney & watercress soup should be banned as biological warfare.

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