This is very efficient, isn’t it?

Scotland Yard is facing questions after taking almost three weeks to discover a missing ex-EastEnders actress and her two children had been buried in her own back garden.
Officers delayed forensic searches at Sian Blake’s home for up to 18 days after she disappeared, despite her boyfriend Arthur Simpson-Kent raising suspicions by vanishing within hours of meeting police.
One former detective said the timeline of events appeared “remarkable” as officers stepped up their “urgent” hunt for Mr Simpson-Kent after confirming three bodies had been discovered.

Well done there, well done.

11 thoughts on “This is very efficient, isn’t it?”

  1. In the (ex) colonies they are even better. If you remember the Rurik Jutting case in Hong Kong, police were called to a small flat where they found a dead body in the living room. It took them another 6 hours to notice a second dead body,a woman he had killed 5 days earlier in a suitcase on the balcony less than 10 feet away.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Remember the Scottish police leaving a woman to die because they could not be bothered to go and look at a car crash for three days.

    The British police are increasingly incompetent. But we knew that. They rarely bother to actually catch criminals. They are too busy surfing Facebook and checking Twitter to make sure no one called Diane Abbott a racially insensitive word.

    Which is fair enough. They get fired for that sort of thing. They do not get fired for letting murderers escape. They probably assume that suspecting an African is institutional racism or something.

  3. I don’t know how many times plod visited Fred West’s house before they realised each time they came the kitchen floor had been relaid with fresh concrete or the garden redug at 2am the night before.

  4. Y’ all assume that the polis job is to “protect” you from crime.


    In fact that is mere window dressing. They are a force assembled to:

    A-Impose the will of top criminals–political and bureaucratic scum– on ordinary people esp in the matter of organised thieving and-

    B-To protect the top criminals from any possible resistance or retaliatory wrath from ordinary people.

    The transgressions of “ordinary” criminals is a cosmetic fig-leaf of a side-business and it shows.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Three weeks? Couldn’t they have just stepped outside the back door and taken a good sniff? Although it’s winter it’s not been below freezing much.

    I was talking the other say to a bloke here and he said some forensic anthropologists wanted to see how long it would take the rain forest to go to work on a human body, so they left a dead pig out. 72 hours and it was gone.

  6. I couldn’t help wondering how the neighbours who talked about how they used to see the kids playing out in the garden didn’t notice someone burying 3 bodies in said garden

  7. BiCR said:
    “some forensic anthropologists wanted to see how long it would take the rain forest to go to work on a human body, so they left a dead pig out. 72 hours and it was gone.”

    Surprised it took that long; down here in Dorset the foxes and badgers will pretty much finish off any stray animal corpses overnight.

  8. A friend of mine had a very traumatic experience a few months ago, he was driving along the M4 in the dark when a man appeared in front of him in a slow lane. He swerved but hit the man, who went over the car and was killed instantly, decapitated apparently. My friend (and his passenger) were physically unharmed, which was lucky, as car drivers and passengers are often killed or seriously injured in such accidents.

    It emerged later that a police car had seen the man walking down the hard shoulder a few minutes earlier but did not stop to investigate or pick him up, merely radioing the fact in to base.

    So because 2 (presumably) policemen couldn’t be bothered to do their jobs, a man is dead and two more are traumatised by what occurred. And I doubt the ‘officers’ in question will get so much as a rap over the knuckles.

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Richard, apparently that was just jungle stuff like bacteria and flies and ants without racoons wandering off with a humerus or anything. You have to keep bread in the fridge here otherwise it turns green overnight. It’s brutal.

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