This isn’t racism, Jeebus, get a grip!

Thai ad with ‘white makes you win’ message lambasted for racism
Online advertisement for skin-whitening pills shows Thai model slowly turning black and saying she owes her success to having white skin

This shows the poverty of the country you twats.

It’s exactly the same derivation as rednecks: a phrase for those too dumb to wear their baseball caps backwards when working in the fields.

In a poor society the mass of the people will work in the fields. Given the way that humans work those who work in the fields will have darker (or, perhaps, redder necks) skins than those richer people who get to ponce about in offices. Paler skin therefore becomes a marker of higher social status: and those who ponce about in offices don’t go sunbathing in order to reduce that sign of social status. Think Mrs. Bennett and bonnets, worrying over whether her daughters will get freckles (hopefully not at the time, that’s what the bonnets were for).

This then switches when most people work indoors, no heavy lifting, and only the richer can afford to fly off for a winter tan. At that point having darker skin becomes a marker of higher social status. Somewhere in the 1950s or so, perhaps 1960s, for the UK.

Then someone invents the tanning booth and the system goes haywire.

But lighter skin among Thais, or Indians, is just sod all to do with racism. Or Caucasians (which the latter are in North India at least, the Thais are not) or race or anything else. It’s about social status within the group.

Are you some rube whose life is determined by following the south end of a water buffalo moving north or are you not?

Racism my hairy freckled arse.

11 thoughts on “This isn’t racism, Jeebus, get a grip!”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It’s about social status within the group.

    Yeah but it is linked to that other sort of racism. Ask a Thai what they think about Africans – or if they would want to marry one. Ask them when they see an African if they think he has spent too long behind a water buffalo.

    We are not supposed to notice these things because we are supposed to loath ourselves so much we want to disappear. These sort of ads make it hard to do so.

  2. Another was investigated by the Thai Food and Drug Administration over claims it contained “salmon sperm”.

    Turned out it was cream of ladyboy.

  3. So you can’t get “white privilege” from a bottle?

    Is there an app for that?

    The Libtard world declares “white privilege.” But when a Thai company says ‘white makes you win,’ it’s wacist. Guardian, you people are stoopid.

  4. Somewhat more to point, there are any number of whitening products here and I suspect none of them actually work, because no advertising standards board. Make of that what you will.

  5. My girlfriend from Madagascar hates getting tanned (ie from coffee with milk to chocolate) and uses whitening creams. Which I thought was kind of funny, as I wanted exactly the reverse for myself.

    What does that make her racism wise?

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