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The Abject Failure Of Osborne’s Google Tax On Diverted Profits: Time To Abolish Corporate Tax

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  1. I think I agree on abolishing CT. Distribution taxes and CG would, however, need to be at the higher at lead marginal rates for taxpayers

    An irony here is that leftist-statists like Ritchie also recognise CT has had its day. Their sokutuon though is to dream up a ‘Super-CT’ which is put under the control of an international body, effectively destroying.national sovereignty. An international ime.tax and sales tax base would necessarily need to follow. It’s funny, despite claiming to be a democrat, despite screaming blue murder about the EU’S (meaning the Germans’) disregard for Greek democratic sovereignty, he still advocates all those things that would make undermining the democratic will of a nation’s demos easier.

  2. Meanwhile, on this subject, Ritchie writes the following:

    “Second there is the small issue of whether, to beat international tax avoidance we are going to be willing to have a tax system that is different from that in the rest of the world. The opportunities for tax arbitrage, and so avoidance, that this would give rise to are enormous, whilst we would be totally outside the protection provided by the international tax treaty system. Is that something that we really want? ”

    So Ritchie wishes for the protection provided by the international tax treaty system does he? Because his constant intoning of “the Sprite of the Law” whilst insulting those who refer to he Letter of the Law as having no morality shows he doesn’t give a fig for treaties or laws or their protections when he wants to attack his chosen victim.

  3. Once again you have provided an insightful look at the dull world of corporate tax laws. This led me to look into the 10 countries that have no general corporation taxes. As all 10 are small island nations that rely heavily on tourism I am now trying to understand how they came to have no general corporate tax. Thank you for an article that allowed me to ask a question I’d never thought of asking before.

    2014 data from taxfoundation.org

  4. I never said I’d found the answers yet.

    Since your statement makes it appear that you know then why do 10 small island nations have no corporate tax?

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