To explain Bill Gates

As a younger man in charge of Microsoft, Gates once memorised the car number plates of all his employees so he would know who was at work on any day.

Nerds are different, OK?

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  1. To be fair I’ve done something like this – it was more to figure out if some random cunt was stealing one of our parking spots.

  2. I’m sure this is an example of bad phrasing turning something minor into something weird. I doubt he ‘memorised’ a list of number plates ‘so’ he’d be able to tell who was at work; it’s far more likely he noticed and happened to remember a few plates belonging to key employees and that allowed him to know who to expect to find inside after glancing round the carpark.

    In a similar vein, I could make a decent guess at which of my neighbours are currently home by looking out the window and seeing which cars are parked outside. I haven’t ‘memorised’ who owns which car ‘so’ that I can spy on my neighbours, though. I’ve merely happened to notice/remember whose car is whose.

  3. My only direct experience of Gates was that he was seriously overrated and that his vast fortune was built on the single decision to buy DOS and then, rather than sell it to IBM, effectively lease it to the world.

    When I was mucking around with Netscape 2.0, Bill, asked why MS hadn’t developed something similar, said in an interview that there was no future in the Internet…

  4. Bill was never revered as much of a programmer. He got lucky in that he was in the right place and right time and had the vision to see the possibilities with DOS.
    What differentiates people like Bill from the ordinary, is the fanatical attention to detail, absolute focus on the task at hand, incredible work ethic to the exclusion of all else, and a huge ego necessary to drive all the above.

  5. Could be anything…
    These were the heady days where “sleep” was indeed a wholly dissatisfying substitute for Coffee, with a side-order of Pizza.
    And “nerd” started to take on a whole different meaning in terms of success in Life in General.
    I think quite a few of the peeps frequenting here have Been There, Done That.

    Could just as well be that he memorised them to be able to tell who had actually left and returned, so he wouldn’t break anyone out of the Zone unnecessarily…
    Like Tim said.. Nerds are like that…

  6. @bloke in brum He got lucky in that he was in the right place and right time and had the vision to see the possibilities with DOS.
    The real luck was that he was a born when he was.

    He correctly saw the possibilities with personal computers, and did everything in his power to be in the ‘right place at the right time’.

  7. On Bill and the company car park. He was going nuts at one point because when he got to work, there was always the same car there before him, and when he left, the same car was still there. He demanded to know who that employee was.

    Turns out Bill had hired that car at the airport a month before after a business trip, driven it to work and forgotten about it.

    He was apparently very bad with hire cars, losing quite a few of them.

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