Well, yes, I suppose so

BBC News

Jakarta attacks: Convicted militant named as attacker
BBC News – ‎2 hours ago‎

I would rather assume you need a certain amount of conviction to go around murdering people…..

15 thoughts on “Well, yes, I suppose so”

  1. I did laugh at someone naming the Presbyterian’s instead of Islam as the culprits on twitter. Just wait till the Plymouth brethren go hardcore!

  2. I think you would need to torture the language rather to get that construction.

    A convinced militant is one who has convictions whereas a convicted militant is one who has been a convict.

  3. Jehova’s Witnesses at it again, eh. Maybe I should’t turn down the offer of The Watchtower, next time the doorbell rings.

  4. There’s a lot of “misunderstanding of Islam” going on these days.

    My place of work has lots of small TV screens dotted around. I walked near one yesterday and saw scenes of police, guns, taking cover etc and I immediately thought “Muslims”.

    This false consciousness of mine is going to be a bugger to shift.

  5. Were Jihad organised properly, there would have been a Sunni v Shia play-off match before the Final.

    The current situation is a total mess, and it’ll only get worse if Islam wins. Imagine if Lancastrian Jimmy Anderson was bowling bouncers at the opposition, whilst simultaneously trying to blow -up any Yorkshiremen he sees in the slips.

  6. Ian B, I note the police seem to be trying to play it down, curiously:

    “Police said they were investigating the incident as an ‘attempted stabbing’ as the injury was a slash rather than a puncture wound.”

    Do you suppose they’d be so blase if this were a police officer, rather than a member of the public?

  7. A “kangaroo” headscarf??

    The left are not merely supreme lying shite but they think we are all fuckwits. They must think so– to imagine they can getaway with peddling the cock that they do.

    The local leftist shiterag was trying to write some piece on the rising incidence of acid throwing in society. Illustrated by a picture of Katie Piper–one of a vanishingly small number of women to have suffered this horror at the hands of a white evildoer.

    The reason for the rise in acid-splashing–the shiterag informs me- is that crims are finding it a cheaper alternative to guns and knives. I was prevented from falling of my chair laughing only by the cold-water shock of such bare-faced lies.

    Acid-splashing is on the rise because it is a favourite of our dear Islamic friends–that is why acid splashing is on the rise.

    What filth the left are. To take horrific events and knowingly twist them to attempt to let off the hook the real perps–and the poisonous habits they import–because it suits the same leftist scum to import ever more of them.

  8. Julia-

    Do you suppose they’d be this blase if the attacker were white and the victim BME? Imagine “white youth stabs woman in headscarf in latest Islamophobia outrage!”.

  9. The (original) Plymouth Brethern /were/ hardcore. They left England because the state wouldn’t let them religiously persecute everybody.

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