What in buggery has happened here?

First Dog on the Moon has actually made two slightly good jokes.

“Wizard Boy and the Sponge Bath of Doom”

“Bruce Willis in Off Duty Policeman Wears A Singlet At Christmas”.

Not great jokes to be sure, but better than normal.

8 thoughts on “What in buggery has happened here?”

  1. Meissen Bison: Yes, but given that they’re normally as funny as a (used) suppository taken orally this is still an improvement.

  2. He –ie the fuckwit cartoonist whoever he be–may think he is mocking those who gush after every celebrity death. But it seems to me he is also mocking the late Mr Rickman. Even if he does not (Love) Actually intend to do so, his used suppository of a cartoon is in poor taste.

  3. My guess would be that The Guardian had a fairly fulsome gush about another recently dead 69 year old – one whose memory is too sacred for even gentle mockery.

  4. Rickman was wonderful as Obadiah Slope. We were watching it just the other day. And he has the huge advantage over Bowie that I know how to pronounce Rickman’s surname.

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