Your “Surprise!” story of the day

The U.S. isn’t going that far, but a high-ranking U.S. Treasury official is calling Putin corrupt, on the record with BBC Panorama, for its show on “Putin’s Secret Riches”

Blimey, whatever next, eh?

6 thoughts on “Your “Surprise!” story of the day”

  1. Interview the Clintons instead.

    $800,000 for a 20 minute word-spew is their going rate–so more for an in-depth interview. And they are SO popular that loads of foreigners have already paid to hear them.

    Thank goodness corruption only happens in faraway evil places like Russia.

  2. Interview the Clintons instead.

    Indeed. Didn’t she approve a whole barrage of State Department trade deals with foreigners who had contributed millions to the Clinton Foundation. If Putin did this, people would roll their eyes at such blatant corruption, and rightly so.

  3. “President Putin declined to be interviewed by Panorama”

    He’d been tipped off that Elton John was the guest host for the night.

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