Allow me to translate that for you

Channel 4 News economics editor Paul Mason is leaving for a freelance career to escape the constraints of impartiality rules governing broadcasters.

Mason told the Guardian he had been delighted with his time at Channel 4, but wanted to use journalism to explore the themes he has written about in his book PostCapitalism: A Guide to Our Future.

He said: “I don’t disagree with the impartiality rules as, without them, TV as well as the press would be completely Tory. But I think that I have been working under those rules for 15 years now and, with my book becoming fairly influential in a space that I would describe as the left of social democracy, I feel the time has come.”

My book’s selling and a TV contract won’t allow me to peddle this shite. On the unacceptable grounds that they demand that my economics, as economics editor, make some contact with reality. So, I’m off.

9 thoughts on “Allow me to translate that for you”

  1. Stand by for endless appearances by Mason on the BBC. He was on Start the Week last Monday, a new low point for what is an unremittingly leftist talking shop. It says something when Andrew Marr is the most free-market person on a programme!

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I would like to think that his moonbattery got too obvious even for Channel Four.

    But naah, can’t be.

  3. Good. Let all the seats on TV get filled and when Mason’s project fails (because he no longer has the endorsement of being on the telly) he won’t get back on.

  4. When he needs the money he’ll back on TV, accepting those pesky impartiality rules. And whenever he has made enough he’ll hop off to freelance land, talking us how glad he is to be free from those same rules.

    He’s so outside the mainstream he is.

  5. I’m a leftie, but I don’t think journalists would all reveal themselves the be Tory if allowed to be partial.

  6. So it’s the requirement to be impartial that forces everyone at the BBC to pretend to be a a raving Corbynite? Who knew?

  7. “I’m a leftie, but I don’t think journalists would all reveal themselves the be Tory if allowed to be partial.”

    You’re right, they wouldn’t.

    Most every damn one of them would come out for Labour/LibDem/Greens.

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