Gee, ya think?


Officials believe its cargo may have shifted in heavy seas, causing it to list heavily to one side.

20 thoughts on “Gee, ya think?”

  1. The captain was tasked with dumping the Clinton’s consciences into the Pacific depths but the ship was just dragged too far left.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    They told the Old Age pensioners taking their first cruise that the first buffet on the left had opened.

    Actually it looks like it hit a sand bar

  3. “The extreme incline of the ship as well as the difficult sea conditions had so far prevented teams from boarding ”

    With that list you’d have difficulty boarding if it was in a drydock.. Now there’s a challenge for a freestyle climber if I ever saw one…

  4. I hate to rain on the left bashing but that shot is from the bow of the ship. That means it is listing to starboard or right for the landlubbers. Sadly the French* locals will be to busy retreating from the invader to notice.

    * Are French military joke accepted here? If not sorry but they’re such an easy target.

  5. “I knew we shouldn’t have rented that spare cabin to Diane Abbot!”

    Nobody can accuse Jeremy Corbyn of failing to think big – either personally or politically – that’s for sure.

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