How delightfully revealing Herr Schultz is

European leaders are so exasperated with Britain’s demands they they are privately saying that “if Brits want to leave, let them leave”, the President of the European Parliament has said.
Martin Schulz, the President of the European Parliament, made the comments at a speech in the London School of Economics in central London.

They are the rulers now, and whether we may leave or not is up to them.

Enough reason to leave right there, to get away from them, no?

15 thoughts on “How delightfully revealing Herr Schultz is”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It is all Failure Theatre. They know Dave doesn’t mean it. He doesn’t mean it after all. All he wants to do is go to Europe and pick a very public fight. While reassuring people in power in private. Which he has done. He will strike a deal to “win” some token points and then go to the vote claiming victory.

    The fact that Dave doesn’t mean it can be seen by what he is not demanding – reform of the CAP for instance. Or Fisheries policy. It is fine as far as Dave is concerned for the Southern Europeans to continue to plunder British waters and then lie about it. He made no real issue of illegal immigration, or legal immigration for that matter.

    That some fat German is willing to play along is nice for him, but irrelevant. The only solution is to vote Out.

  2. What demands is he talking about? Cameron basically walked into the council meeting and asked if they could possibly toss him a bone so as not to lose the forthcoming referendum. They laughed him out of the room. If that’s their attitude, we’re clearly better off out.

  3. I’m of the mind that the “Brexit” should indeed happen.

    It would be…interesting.. to see the law of Unintended Consequences at work on both sides.
    This runs deeper than just the UK, and may be a solution, or start to a solution to several entrenchements and stalemates.

    Ahhhh… Interesting Times… 🙂

  4. Grikath – Yarp. Leaving the EU isn’t magically going to transform the UK into a libertarian/conservative/social-democratic/takeyourpick wonderland.

    It’s a necessary, but not sufficient, step towards pulling our country back from swirling the toilet bowl.

    Still necessary though. And not just for us. We owe it to our fellow Europeans to help smash the EU. It’s a political noose wrapped around all of our necks. Somebody has to be the first to saw the rope.

  5. Still necessary though. And not just for us. We owe it to our fellow Europeans to help smash the EU. It’s a political noose wrapped around all of our necks. Somebody has to be the first to saw the rope.

    Yep, yet again we are being goaded by other Europeans into taking a stand that may ultimately benefit them more than us and for which we will receive no thanks whatsoever after the dust has settled. Not that we shouldn’t leave but we should never have been in this situation in the first place. You would have thought that the history of the last century would have taught us that getting involved in Europe’s shit is a seriously bad idea.

  6. Speaking of course from the other side of the world, and with no dog or any other species of pet in this fight, I fail to see why there is even any debate over British withdrawal from the EU. Would trade between the UK to the Continent just stop because a political union was dissolved? No. Would it make any difference diplomatically to the rest of the world? No. Is the world’s largest financial centre likely to up and leave over it? No. Is British membership likely to do anything to stop the societal breakdown already evident in France and Germany. No.

    What the hell is the argument for staying in?

  7. Preaching to the choir I guess – but I’m genuinely asking the readership here, what are the arguments being made against Brexit and why do they have any traction? I read the Tele from time to time but I’m not finding it enlightening.

  8. Fair enough Jack C, but I can see why the political class are in favour. What I can’t understand is why the great unwashed are so divided.

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