I’ve always liked the one about the insomniac dyslexic agnostic

Who would lie awake at night wondering whether there really was a Dog.

18 thoughts on “I’ve always liked the one about the insomniac dyslexic agnostic”

  1. Andrew – How come Squander Two lives in a treehouse and pelts innocent bystanders with nuts, yet I’m the one who gets pegged with the squirrel tag?

  2. One of my favourites too. And I usually follow it with this other religious gem …
    A devoutly religious lad (called Mark) is trying to get to sleep one night, when suddenly he hears this voice calling him. “Mark” the voice says, then again it says “Mark”.
    “Is that you Lord ?”, Mark asks. Just to hear the voice again, “Mark” is says.
    This goes on for a while, when he realises it’s coming from outside. He looks out of the window to see …

    … wait for it …

    … a Bulldog with a hair lip, sat there “(B)Mark”ing

    OK, I’ll get my coat.

  3. A small person recently told me this
    What did the Emperor say when he saw the Elephants coming over the hill?

  4. How many druids does it take to screw in a lighbulb?
    Druids don’t screw in lightbulbs, they screw in stone circles.
    What’s the best thing about pagan friends?
    They worship the ground you walk on.
    Why are the brothels in Frankfurt next to the banking district?
    Because in both type of establishment the employees get paid to screw the customers.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Steve – “Illiterate atheists deny the existence of a magic sky furry.”

    Oh Great. Now I am going to lie awake at night worrying that God is a furry.

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