Let’s get this headline right shall we?

Stay in the EU, say British businesses

Not so.

Two polls – from the Institute of Directors (IoD) and manufacturers’ trade body EEF – each found that six out of 10 of their members support Britain remaining in the European Union.

The correct headline is:

Some number of the people who run a small minority of British businesses say let’s stay in the EU.

3 thoughts on “Let’s get this headline right shall we?”

  1. Every lying sack of shit in the world IS being rolled out even as we speak for the pro-slavery camp.

    No lie too large or small. Too louche or too ridiculous.

  2. The unqualified collective noun in English.

    “Housewives will vote In” could mean all housewives (the implication) when it actually refers to just two particular housewives.

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