No they’re not you idiot

Nevada’s Bunny Ranch workers are drawing attention to the varied, complex and often-ignored politics of sex workers

Nonsense: it’s a few savvy tarts getting some free advertising.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Saini went so far as to argue, “I’m certain Hillary Clinton has driven more people into the sex industry than any pimp or trafficker. The policies that Clinton proactively supported—pushing people out of public housing, dismantling welfare, discriminating against formerly incarcerated people—have produced economic circumstances that force people into survival sex.”

    So she is not all bad then. May have added to the gaiety of the nation even.

    There is only one way to settle this argument – jello-wresting.

  2. @ the OT
    Amusing but: Why would a bank depositor want a piece of a restaurant? That’s what it amounts to, isn’t it? Risk capital. What’s wrong with equity? Find someone wants to take a stake in a restaurant business rather than a banker eating a steak in a restaurant.

  3. OT, the funny thing is that he complains about all sorts of stuff that have nothing to do with the banks.

    I don’t see him banning politicians or civil servants, especially the socialist ones.

    And I’d bet that he probably still blames the banks for the 07 crisis, because “they lent too much money”.

  4. “If you tell me you’re caucusing or voting for Hillary, I will give you a free lunch or 30 extra minutes to use however you like.”

    I’d like to use the 30 minutes to determine how much time I’d like to purchase. I won’t mention that I’ll have taken care of my reason for the visit will be done by the time 30 minutes is up. Miss Kisses doesn’t seem to understand that men pay prostitutes, not for the act itself, but so that they go away once we get off.

  5. “As someone who leans toward the left and has been involved in activism work for years, specifically related to anti-racist feminism, prisoners’ justice, and sex workers’ rights, I’m feeling the Bern.

    Are you sure politics is to blame for that Bern you feel?

  6. In other news, a Guardian columnist (not comment is free) asks (apparently seriously) whether the new X-Files series is Islamophobic and Transphobic

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    BraveFart – “In other news, a Guardian columnist (not comment is free) asks (apparently seriously) whether the new X-Files series is Islamophobic and Transphobic”

    Well at least the Guardian is consistent – you know there has never been a new alien insect overlord they would not welcome and that they think that as a trusted media property, they can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar mines.

  8. BF ,

    Went to read that article, just for a laugh, and to be fair, it’s an opinion piece on an accusation in the US. The writer hedges a bit, but the general gist is that it’s all just a bit silly. Especially given the writer of the episode in question is the guy who wrote all the funny ones in the original series.

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