Not sure despite is the right word here

Despite having accepted 90,000 people last year, Austria is the latest country to impose quotas on asylum seekers and send refugees towards Germany.

Because maybe?

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  1. Or as WSJ columnist James Taranto would say, “Fox Butterfield, is that you?” Reference is to a New York Times columnist famous for being oblivious to cause and effect. One particularly notable headline, from 2004: “More Inmates, Despite Drop In Crime”

  2. Just back from a week skiing in Austria. The driver who collected us to take us from the resort to Salzburg was spitting about migrants.

    Possibly he was just a Thick.Racits.Pirck but his argument seemed to be that his granny had been a farmer (he took his hands off the wheel at approx 80mph to mime the pulling of cows’ teats, while was exhilerating) all her life and now at 82 received a state pension of (around) 420 euro.

    Meanwhile twenty-five-year-old migrant men (he was specific about the age) get (something like) 950 euro, a house and a free tablet or cellphone and do not have to work. I have no idea if this is true, it’s just what he said.

    And in ‘Wienna’ ‘many problems’ with these people. In ‘Chermany’? *Knowing smile combined with look of horror*.

    He was a driver, so eminently replaceable; maybe that was also a factor for him. But if he represents the general Austrian then stand by because it’s going to get messy at some point.

  3. That all depends. In a country of c10million, 90,000 is dealable with. Half a million is. You just have to deal with them.

  4. ” by reacting to the real crisis Europe is facing today: the racist and nationalist backlash throughout the continent”

    Well, that’s a testable statement. Assume for a moment that we are able, overnight, to remove all racism and nationalism from all EU nations.

    Is the Immigration problem solved?

    For “Yes”: it needs to be proved that any amount of immigration was okay. Clearly this isn’t the case, as local infrastructure gets overwhelmed at fairly low numbers.

    I don’t know why (usually) population control is a Good Thing to those who see no problem in instant population growth.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Despite having accepted 90,000 people last year, Austria is the latest country to impose quotas on asylum seekers and send refugees towards Germany. ”

    Shouldn’t that be “Because having accepted…”

    Maybe there’s an argument about the number but eventually a country has to say “no more”.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    “If EU technocrats and state leaders won’t do it in Brussels there is another way. Last week Portugal offered to resettle refugees from Greece. Yesterday, Spanish regional officials reached an agreement for the transfer of a thousand migrants – bypassing the European Union’s slow moving relocation system. Smaller scale, decentralised solutions are easier to finance, legally feasible, and they set a precedent.”
    And what guarantees do we have that they will remain there?

    I’m hating the way the in/out referendum has been hijacked by immigration and can’t bare to watch or listen to vox pop discussions, but I’m also fed up with the way our culture, not race, is being overwhelmed by those who just want to import their own failed cultures.

    Its about time the UN got off its arse and provided relief at the point of need, the borders of the conflict, and stopped its sanctimonious bullying of the west.

  7. “c10million, 90,000 is sealable with”: maybe. But the Austrians include women, codgers, and children. The invaders are overwhelmingly men of military age. It’s a bit like Anglo-Saxons vs Romano-Britons: the civilised people lost.

  8. @Dearieme

    Yes, I take your point. It may be too late one day – and if that day comes to pass my driver will no longer represent the general Austrian. I just dispute that that day has yet arrived, and I’m not sure it will arrive; I think there will be revolution first.

    In retrospect, the Berlin wall looked pretty permanent. Turned out it could be demloished quicker than it went up. Ceaucescu thought he was invulnerable, but mass movements across continents – and we’re in the early days of both the migration and the backlash – have a tendency to develop fast and to become unstoppable.

    The Austrian police are okay hauling off a few Austrians for a slap on the wrist. But will the Austrian police open fire on Austrians? I doubt it.

    Not to mention, once (or if) the wives and daughters and sisters of cops are in the firing line, I expect them to start turning more of a blind eye.

  9. “Smaller scale, decentralised solutions are easier to finance, legally feasible, and they set a precedent.”

    And are also more likely to happen without anyone noticing.

  10. On a completely unrelated note, those men sentenced in Rotherham for raping 1400 under-age girls: Will they be beaten up by their fellow prisoners, or hailed as heroes?

  11. It probably depends on the ethnicity of their fellow prisoners and whether those prisoners are also pedophiles/rapists.

    I’m led to believe that rapists of underage girls generally have a bad time in prison, compared to arguably worse murderers.

  12. There are lots of islamics in nick and they are organising themselves to at least try for top dog.

    The “authorities” could stop it but since it boosts the stay-out-of-jail fear factor–they won’t.

  13. Austria has approximately the same population as New York City. If 90,000 unemployed people were dumped on the city with no money and no housing system in place there would be financial problems as well.

    Since it’s too late to shoot them at the border someone needs to figure out how to deal with them. Since sticking them in Greek hotels was ruled out maybe a funky immigrant lottery system could be put into place. Why not offer to any family that takes in an immigrant a payment equal to all of the tax an immigrant makes for a period of say 10 years. To appease the supporters of the nanny state pay squealers €100 per conviction in immigrant case be it the immigrant or the family “hosting” them. All families that take an immigrant would receive a payment to cover the costs of this plan for the first year. Since we are just going to throw money at the problem let’s try find creative ways to make matters worse at the worst.

  14. ‘Figures show 34% of refugees are children, thousands of them unaccompanied. Another 20% are women.’

    So 46% are adult males.

  15. BobRocket,

    No, 34% claim to be children. Any refugee who can pass for less than 25 would be a fool to not claim juvenile status, since it usually confers special privileges.

  16. Andrew M

    Under their own definition nearly half are adult males.

    If we assume that the gender split of the ‘children is 50/50 then of the total, 63% are male and only 37% are female.

    I don’t understand why the Graun approves of this gender imbalance.

  17. And yet the photos of crowds of refugees show overwhelmingly young adult males. I wonder who’s telling the truth.

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