So, any good video editors out there?

I’m not prepared to listen to hours of this stuff but does Ritchie make any real howlers?


16 thoughts on “So, any good video editors out there?”

  1. Watching it live (long journey!), Ritchie live is the same as Ritchie blog. Jacob Rees Mogg tore him a new one over intangibles being a fiction, and asking why companies should be taxed on what Ritchie makes up.

    Tons of his usual posturing, plugging of books, “I did this”, and his 0.2 * Profship (I feel it’s driving him mad that he’s being called Mr. Murphy).

    As for real economics, tax, etc, that’s just a side show.

    However he does seem to be suffering from a communicable disease.

  2. more of the same nonsense that a multinational group isn’t made up of separate legal entities; they are, according to Prof Murphy, one unit. That’s the reality according to him…

  3. Oh, there were a few peaches, I assure you. He went off on one about taxing Google again on the numbers he proposes, to which he received the response:

    “Why should tax be decided on what you arbitrarily think is right?”

    Called out on it. Couldn’t answer it.

  4. I’m not watching this, but I do like it when our elected officials do what they are supposed to. That quote about the arbitrary nature of Richies tax rates is lovely.

  5. PF, Grace

    I watched a good part of it (sad, strong stomach). It’s difficult to see the reaction of the committee but Rees-Mogg & Tyrie obviously think he’s a prat.

    I see he’s published his ‘speaking notes’ on his blog – as if anyone gives a f…..

  6. He tries to fudge Tyrie like he does on his blog.

    Can’t put my finger on it, but there is something Paxman-like about Andrew Tyrie in his mannerisms.

  7. The notes on his blog reveal his shallowness. If a real economist reviewed them…. We need to increase tax rates, neo classical views of tax, anti avoidance, country by country, unitary tax, Bahamas, no university course purely on tax, everyone is illegally evading tax unless I myself personally clear them with a fair tax mark….. . Regular readers of this blog know exactly what he said.

  8. He’s made some comment about having “history” with Jacob Rees-Mogg.

    Hasn’t Tim made similar comments?

    Maybe they could exchange notes.

  9. Jacob R-m? No, although I wsa at school with one of his sisters (Emma?) and brothers (Tom?). Pops was really a little odd. First son had to go to Eton of course, the rest to Catholic schools.

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