So, boring shit then?

Jacques Rivette, film director – obituary
Leading thinker of the French New Wave whose films had intellectual rather than mass appeal

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    If he managed to turn a career making boring sh!t (and think how boring it must be that even a city full of posers like Paris couldn’t drum up an audience) into banging either Jane Birkin or Emmanuelle Beart, I would have to say you underestimate him. The man would be a frickin’ genius.

    Still compare with the other Obits on offer – right out of Biggles. Something wrong with the world when they aren’t banging Ms Beart.

  2. What an awful thing to write, as though Inception or The Matrix don’t (to some extent) appeal to the intellect.

    They can write all they want about Rivette – there’s really only 1 notable film in there. Most of his fame seems to come from hanging around with Truffaut and Godard.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Tim Newman – “Us French taxpayers (ahem) have to pay a specific charge for this shit, too. It appears as a line item on the bottom of one of the tax forms.”

    So can we conclude that Mitterrand was also banging Jane Birkin?

    It is an astonishing statement of French values.

  4. as someone I know in the film industry once told me* “Ken fucking Loach gets endless grants from the BFI to make ‘socially worthy’ pieces of crap that no-one wants to watch – every one makes a loss but he keeps getting money. And do you know where he lives? Up on Lansdown Hill in Bath in a sodding Georgian mansion. Man of the people my arse”

    *ranted at me after a few pints

  5. My story with him is that an artistically ambitious girlfriend moved on to him after me (no worries about her going on my part). She was very ambitious though, moved on to the Marquis of Bath after him.

  6. How doctrinaire can you get? Even by Tim’s standards, this is cultural demagoguery. I’m tempted now to revisit the posts on Bowie, music, and Pratchett(!?) and let the author know my views.

  7. French ‘high brow’ cinema is pretentious rot. When I want high culture, I visit the opera or go to a concert of classical music. Cinema is for relaxation and entertainment.

  8. Tim Newman,

    It’s all completely unnecessary, too. If people think a film is “important”, they can go and make it. Steven Soderbergh will go and make something huge like Ocean’s 11 and with a bit of the money from that, go and make a low budget film like The Girlfriend Experience.

  9. Truffaut’s “Fahrenheit 451” I think to be a good version of the book–sans the Mechanical Hound–which 60’s technology could probably only have done as a non-realistic stop-motion effect. The ending of the film is lyrical with all the human “books” walking back and forth in the snow memorising their texts.

    Haven’t seen the rest of his films bit if they are up to that standard they might be well worth watching.

    From the sublime to the risibly ridiculous–Goddard.

    His only worthwhile film is “Alphaville” which I saw many–well–decades ago when BBC2 used to show French films at 9 o’clock on a Friday night. It is an unintentionally hilarious attempt at an action/science-fiction film by a windbag leftist idiot who hasn’t got a clue about either genre.

    Worth watching for the laughs.

  10. Flatcap Army:
    No I didn’t know where he lives. Can you now let us know where Timmy lives? Perhaps Timmy himself will inform us.

  11. Perhaps you could let us know why you are interested?

    Anyone reading this blog, as you do, will know that I spend time in Portugal and also in the Czech Republic. What more do you want to know than this and why?

  12. Mr Ecks, how many Godard films have you seen? Tim can base an assessment on a zero sample. I hope you can improve on that.

  13. I suspect that smfs forgets the social aspects. Surprised that Tim does the same. A group of guys round the same age, Godard, Truffaut, Rohmer, Rivette. Some of them achieve commercial success. Others are….
    And the odd thing is that Tim knows about social effects. He is just incapable of seeing them unless Paul Gambacini tells him about them

  14. Mr Ecks,

    I quite like A Bout de Souffle, and I get that Bande a Part was quite a new sort of film when it came out, but I don’t care for it much.

    But Godard has had a 50 year career off 3 or 4 early films. The rest of it is allegedly, a bit crap.

  15. Diogenes:I have seen Breathless and Alphaville.

    They are both turds –but Alphaville is so full of bizarre happenings and non-sequitur nuttiness trying to pass as science-fiction and action scenes that I bust a gut laughing at it.

    The Marxist twat missed his way–he could have been a good comedy director.

  16. Worstall

    You and your supporters make much hay talking about Murphy’s private life, his non-shed and his personal accounts.

    Scoper rifles through his bins and makes knobend FoI requests.

    You cast aspersions on anyone you don’t agree with.

    There’s no point getting shirty. Where do you pay your taxes?

    Can you point me to your business accounts?

  17. Tim, is spending time in Portugal and the Czech Republic the same as living in any one of them? From your past postings I also know you “spend time” in the UK.
    Why do I want to know where you live? Because, like you often say you need to find out “who benefits”. Where you live would give me an indication if and what you are benefiting from.
    Also as Arnald says you are you and your supporters make much of others’ private lives. And you make much of (for example) P Toynbee “spending time” in Tuscany.
    Finally why the reticence on your part about this?

  18. The difference is that Tim isn’t calling for socialist tyranny while living a nice lifestyle–as does Pol. Denouncing wealthy people and free markets while living very nicely herself without any intention of giving it up.

    A typical hypocritical, scummy, well-off, middle-class socialist turd.

    If she wanted and stood for greater freedom for all she could live on the farside of the moon for all I care.

  19. You still haven’t answered the the question Tim. It may be none of my business but what have you got to hide?

    Let’s face it Tim you are one almighty tosser.

  20. “You still haven’t answered the the question Tim. It may be none of my business but what have you got to hide?”

    What, is that like in “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”. “Oh dear”……

    “Let’s face it Tim you are one almighty tosser.”

    Bit desperate, surely…!??

  21. A number of years ago I answered the question “Where do you live?” with “Portugal”. This then led to a vast gubbins, as the person I had answered then went off on one, making official complaints to UKIP that I wasn’t eligible to stand as a UKIP candidate because I was not resident in the UK. This person doing that complaining being someone I had beaten in the hustings to be higher on the candidates list than they were.

    Also insisted that I was a tax exile: which would be a pretty stupid thing to do in Portugal because the taxes are higher than the UK.

    All very annoying and time wasting and residency isn’t what qualifies your or not as a candidate in the UK anyway. Being on the electoral roll is.

    So, when someone asks me that question these days I don’t answer. Those who need to know for technical reasons (the taxman, electoral stuff) will get, obviously, the correct answer depending upon the details of what they need to know. Everyone else can sod off.


    Not that I suspect you of being that disgruntled candidate of course. But it did make me wary.

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