So, Julie Bindel doesn’t like proles then?

Most men walk around in flip-flops, and the women are in head-to-toe stretchy tracksuits, with those stupid bum bags round their waists.

And this isn’t the most sensible thing to do:

I had travelled to Nevada to research the sex trade (it is the only state in the US with legal brothels) but there is more to Vegas than strippers, gambling and gangsters.

None of the brothels actually being in Vegas nor even in the surrounding county…..

14 thoughts on “So, Julie Bindel doesn’t like proles then?”

  1. She clearly went there knowing she would hate it just so she could whinge about it. Who the fuck does that?

  2. Who the fuck does that?

    Gary Younge. The Guardian sent him to the USA knowing full well he detests it, precisely so he could spend a year telling everyone how awful it was.

  3. “Gary Younge. The Guardian sent him to the USA knowing full well he detests it, precisely so he could spend a year telling everyone how awful it was.”

    Mind you, they might have just hated him. I quite often give staff members jobs I know they’ll hate outside the office when they’ve displeased me.

  4. Is she not the bitch who seriously suggested that all men should be put in concentration camps?

    The inhabitants should have arranged a special casini prize for her. A combined Fat/Brat camp for a 3 year stretch. That would reduce her fat arse and her giant gob.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    I don’t think they are showing enough imagination. I think what we need from Ms Bindel is a study in intersectionality. A look at how White males oppress not just women, but more specifically women of colour. Even better trans-women of colour.

    If the Guardian sets up a fund to send her to Pattaya I might even contribute.

  6. “Presumably Julie Bindel approves of Amsterdam, where punters cycle to the brothels.”

    The Amsterdam Red Light district is but a pale shadow of what it was even a decade ago. And the few clubs that *are* there are… well out of the price range of the average punter.. Like Vegas.. it’s mostly a tourist trap.
    If you want to go brothel hunting the Rotterdam/the Hague area is much better..supplied.. for any taste. ( sailors and diplomats.. business will be where the actual punters are..)
    Or the Dutch/Belgian border area. Quite a few Outdoor Villas of the old Nouveau Riche that have been turned into proper Houses of Sin there.

  7. Wiggia’s link to another of Bindel’s article once again reinforces George Orwell’s deep understanding of the leftist mindset. In “1984”, the spokesman for the “English Socialist” regime finally admits that it has no broader objectives in maintaining power and simply enjoys making people suffer; in the same way, Bindel doesn’t particularly want to eat the burger but simply wants to ensure that no-one else is able to do so.

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