So, picking your brains over ad rates

Anyone running ad paid for websites? And if so, what are ad rates like these days?

From memory I used to get about $1 /000 page views from Google Adwords. And I’ve never really run a site that had display ads. But I’m just trying to figure out very generally what ad rates are like these days.

So, if you’ve got three or four ad boxes on a page, what might you be able to get as total revenue per 000 page views? $3? $13? $30?

I know that mobile is almost nothing, but what about desktop?

2 thoughts on “So, picking your brains over ad rates”

  1. About three years ago, I placed a rolling banner advert on a regional lifestyle website:
    As I recall, I paid £75pcm for a 3 month package.

    Not, of course, the same deal as you are thinking about; but I thought it might be useful to mention it.

  2. We have to be careful – it’s a banning offence from Google making public your advert commissions 🙂

    Anyway, this is February for a personal site I run – it goes much higher RPMs running up to Christmas, but most of the year it hovers around 65-70p per thousand page refreshes (with roughly 3 adverts per page).

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