So that’s the reason, eh?

If Britain votes to leave the EU, there’s no going back. Stephen Weil explains why he’s campaigning to stop Britons from making a major mistake

Mmm, hmm,

I have cheered the rapid adoption across Europe of the elimination of the foul smell of cigarettes in Europe’s buildings and public transport.

Whether this is a good idea or not what in buggery does it have to do with stopping Germany invading France again? And might it not be possible to achieve this without our sending £8 billion a year off to Johnny Foreigner? They can’t be spending all of that on smoking inspectors can they?

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  1. And while I don’t agree with it, why can’t it be done unilaterally? I read someone talking about working hours and again, not relevant.
    I get that there are things where international organisations help trade. Safety standards, common road signs, cellphone standards. If done right, fishing too.

    We can do stupid pointless cookie warnings on our own.

  2. So no non-EU countries have smoking bans…?

    I was in Thailand at the weekend and one of the hotel waitresses I was at was screaming at a Russian guy for smoking in the restaurant and told him to take his smoking outside.

    Don’t know if that’s official or not, but certainly effective.

  3. As per another thread, I’m just back from a week in Austria. They smoke with abandon in bars there. Not sure whether this is just a case of ignoring the law, or of the law not applying in Austria.

  4. Every lying ARROGANT sack of shit in the world etc.

    Weil is an especially stupid and evil specimen

    Not only does he applaud brazen tyranny as a “benefit” of having the euroscum’s boot on our neck but he peddles the tired old bollocks about how the EU has saved us from euro-war.

    The EU is the scum elite’s response to the mushroom cloud. Once they realised that their old favourite game of predatory warfare was no longer safe ( for them and theirs personally)–then the plan became “join forces to rip off and lord it over all the oiks by working as a team”.

    A by-product of this vote may be the chance to compile an index of all the traitors and stooges of tyranny out there.

  5. AAARRRGGHH!!!!!

    I am getting SO fed up with this argument that the UK electorate is too stupid to vote for a government that will implement “nice” laws that we must rely on foreigners to force those laws on us.

    Too wee, too weak, too stupid. Vote Remain.

    That’s their only argument.

  6. Weil seems to be a Northern Irelander who makes money out of fostering commercial links across borders for small businesses. I guess his practice is focussed on EU nations, but they will still be there after Brexit. I guess he is mainly an EU grant hoover.

  7. So his argument for the EU, smoking bans, is that the EU makes it easier for him and his chums to force through illiberal, undemocratic bans.

    Sounds about right, but I’m surprised to see them admitting it.

  8. This is why the Proggies like the EU. It’s a vehicle for influence by us puritans on the rest of the world (in this case, European countries). As I’ve said many times, the best argument for leaving is to protect them from us.

  9. This is yet another example (although none will ever match up to the “EU has brought peace to Europe claim) of the EU claiming what is not its to claim. Whether one agrees with it or not, smoking bans are domestic legislation.

    Expect more and more and more of this shit over the next 4 months.

  10. So, the latest is that Brexit will lead to paedophile terrorists overrunning Britain and blowing smoke in our faces?

  11. John Galt
    Yes, the smoking ban is official. Introduced a couple of years after I came here, 2005ish? Applies to closed, air conned places, not open air bars. I was told it was a result of “foreign pressure”. No idea how true that is.

  12. “If Britain votes to leave the EU, there’s no going back.”

    If the structural problems that cause the desire to leave the EU are corrected why couldn’t Britain go back?

  13. We have a smoking ban in New Zealand – so no smoking allowed in buildings and public transport (and around schools, hospitals etc). First I’ve ever heard that we were part of the EU – now I’m going to have to find my local NZIP representative and sign up!

  14. Bloke in Costa Rica

    They introduced a smoking ban in workplaces. bars and restaurants here with a lot less argy-bargy than I thought there’d be. And people abide by it, too. I loathe, detest and in every way execrate the smell of cigarette smoke so in a narrow sense this was a good thing for me but of course I hate the doctrinaire and heavy-handed nature of the thing.

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