So this is academia on Brexit is it?

A list of five things the remain campaign should consider as tactics:

Lesson one – highlight the dangers
Britain Stronger in Europe must highlight concrete and credible pitfalls of Brexit like the Danish government did in 1972. The Danes ran a campaign called “the price of a no”, in which they compared the prices of selected groceries in the event of a vote to join the EEC (the name of the EU before 1994) with the prices of the same items in the event of a rejection. One poster showed bag of ground coffee and the simple caption: “If you vote yes this will cost 12 kroner, if you vote no it will cost 15 kroner”. The prospect of price increases outside the EEC gave the pro-European government a boost of 10% in the final days of the referendum.

Lesson two – avoid scaremongering
Outlandish claims rarely work and often backfire.

Sounds almost like City University.

Matt Qvortrup is professor of political science at Coventry University and author of Referendums and Ethnic Conflict

Well, there’s another technical college not to recommend then.

5 thoughts on “So this is academia on Brexit is it?”

  1. Appeal to bread-and-butter issues?

    “Do you want to be bossed about by euro-shite who will strip you of every last freedom except the freedom to obey and pay what you are told when you are told to? And are already scheming to have you replaced in your own country by imported stock ?”

  2. He’s actually dead wrong on his second point..

    The real reason the government lost that particular referendum is that the “no” camp clearly outlined the complete lack of actual democracy in the system in language Joe Average could understand.
    That, and the fact that while the parties formally claimed to respect the outcome, they also pretty much made clear they’d find another way to ratify it, which they did after some cosmetic shuffling.

    Which is what is going to happen again with the current Ukraine referendum. Which would make the next election a massacre of epic proportions.

    Although most peeps in the “no” camp are having fun with the “we should protect 0.016% of our trade balance against 12% of our trade balance why exactly?”
    If the Ukraine had the cash and inclination to actually buy something, the Dutch would have found a way already..

  3. Britain Stronger in Europe goons were stood outside the railway station this morning handing out flyers.

    I assume they are union goons even though the RMT is said to be anti-EU.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    This boy’s mother claims she is concerned about his exams:

    On behalf of all men who can remember what it was like to be 16, I warmly congratulate this academic for proving there are more important things that post-secondary education. In fact it is hard to think what he might learn at this Poly that will be better for them than what he might learn from that Svetlana.

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