Spark a renewed sense of pride in India’s manufacturing

Well, yes, sparked something at least.



All aspects including sabotage angle will be investigated while ascertaining the cause of the massive fire that gutted the stage during a cultural programme at the Make in India Week event in Mumbai on Sunday night attended by many VIPs, an official said on Monday.
Fire brigade authority has begun an inquiry into the blaze. “We will probe all aspects, including finding out if there was a sabotage angle involved,” a fire brigade official said. No casualties were reported as the venue at the Girgaum Chowpatty area was emptied within minutes.
As the audience scrambled to safety, Firstpost reporter Sanjay Sawant heard strains of soundbites like these: “Maharashtra ki barah baj gayi” which, loosely translated, means the State’s image has taken a good beating.

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  1. Sabotage? Or shitty electrics? A lot of these countries would do well to understand that, while the white man did a lot of bad stuff, we did uphold some sort of these standards for a reason.

  2. make in india is a bogus idea . modi wants foreigners to make in india when he cant even make indians make in india. india’s biggest conglomerate Tata earns 70% of its revenues from overseas work (ok includes exports).
    india is a regulatory nightmare filled with petty tyrant babus. there is no conviction or mindset change at the top, despite the rhetoric

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Tim Newman – “while the white man did a lot of bad stuff, we did uphold some sort of these standards for a reason.”

    I reject the idea White people did a lot of bad stuff.

    Regulations are an odd one. I think that they are one of Britain’s great innovations. The idea that we should get together to protect idiots from their own idiocy – and that everyone would actually obey. Who else but mad dogs and Englishmen would think to do so?

    The question is how did they become a mechanism for our own domestic Fascists to bully the rest of us.

  4. “the white man did a lot of bad stuff”: all the bad stuff that white men did in India added together doesn’t equal what Timur did to Delhi, and we don’t normally count Mongols as white men.

  5. whelp.. Judging from the youtube evidence, “fireproofing” wasn’t..

    The organisors can protest all they want, that stage was a firetrap, and nowhere near safe to use by even the most relaxed standards.
    On a decently fireproofed stage you could conceivably create a blaze like on the images under it using any variety of large-scale molotov cocktail ( plenty of flightcases no-one knows exactly the origins/owners of..) , but it shouldn’t have been able to spread like that, at all.

    Hell, it ate through the stage floor like it was made of paper instead of loadbearing panels..
    Someone has been cutting corners there…

  6. Someone has been cutting corners there…

    As we’re finding with the skyscrapers in Dubai that were thrown up by Indians/Bangladeshis under Lebanese supervision working for Emirati clients, there have been several that have experienced major fires. Fires in modern buildings should be exceptionally difficult to start, let alone take hold, given the standards that ought to be in place regarding fireproofing of structural members, sprinkler systems, and fire-retardant materials.

    But I remember learning in an engineering lecture years and years ago that one of the big differences between the developing world and civilised nations is that QA/QC gets done properly in the latter, and the shite hidden in the former. The example used was an earthquake in Turkey after which they found the builders had changed the concrete specification to save money and replaced most of the cement with sand, so the building only had a fraction of its design structural strength.

    The Indians will have the standards in place, and will rail against the “cultural imperialism” of Britain whenever they get the chance, but still haven’t managed to get their own culture to a point where people uphold the standards such that their own countrymen don’t get burned to death.

  7. After the recent Hong Kong earthquake paint cans were found in structural elements.

    Spike tv’s Catch a Contractor contains many instances of cost cutting in the US.

    Criminal negligence happens in all countries. It’s just more fun to laugh when it happens to someone else’s.

  8. Yes, but not at equal frequencies. We’re not all Louisiana, you know.

    Thanks, dearieme: Liberal Yank did what a lot of Nigerians do when you say their country is corrupt, i.e. they point out that corruption occurs in every country. What they don’t point out that corruption in Norway is rare, but in Nigeria is ubiquitous. Degree matters as much as form.

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