I am not always convinced tax academics are objective

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  1. Hang on, didn’t Murph tell the Select Committee just the other week that there were no university courses in Tax? Perhaps he is guilty of perjury.

  2. He is not a tax academic. Just an opinionated tax bore.

    I’m not sure if the book ‘bluff your way in tax’ is still available but reading that would put you at Murphy’s level of knowledge. The rest is bluster.

  3. Sod this thread forra game of toy soldiers. Hands up who was always going to vote out no matter what Cameron got!

    +1 here…

  4. Edward


    Probably most on here… Let’s be honest about this, he didn’t “ask” for anything, and he didn’t even get that.

  5. +2 here…

    I haven’t read anything bout what he was supposedly negotiating for, from which I assume it wasn’t anything that any news outlet could make a succinct headline of. So, nothing to shout about, nothing worth having.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    “Dave” has been engaged in a massive effort to look like he was doing something. If you had to think of three things that we would want back from the EU, it is unlikely any of them were on his list. No end to the CAP or the CFP. No control over borders. No limits to immigration. Nothing.

    “Dave” just wanted to fool the rubes by making it look like he was doing something. And he is held in such contempt by the Europeans that they wouldn’t even throw him the tiniest bone. He asked for nothing and got less.

  7. I think we should have a should of partial withdrawal from the EU.

    Baltic state women should still have automatic right of entry to the UK.

    Well, those under 35.

  8. In defending his own arrangements, Murphy has come up with this gem:

    “And using a structure specifically allowed by law is also quite explicitly not avoidance”

    I think that will need quoting back at him many many times.

  9. Given he and his ministers have been saying for weeks that Brexit meant the UK being overrun by terrorist paedos, this might have given a clue to our enemies about his negotiating position, i.e. he didn’t have one.

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