Stable door bolting

Germany will soon require all clients of prostitutes to use condoms, according to a draft law approved by the government Tuesday.

Blimey, anyone at all using the ladies of negotiable affection and not using a condom? Any of the ladies allowing them not to?

Or should we take this as the legislation coming along a decade or two after the societal change?

14 thoughts on “Stable door bolting”

  1. I’d be fascinated to know how they intend to go about enforcing this.

    (And the answer to your first two questions are yes & yes. Markets, you see)

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    One of the fascinating little pieces of information in Freakanomics was that prostitutes in Chicago negotiate condom use – and make the customer pay more whichever option they take.

    Which makes sense I suppose. You need to find something they give a damn about and squeeze them, so to speak, for all they are worth.

    This will just let more prostitutes or their pimps shake down clients after sex.

  3. Maybe it’s because they’ve had a large influx of the unhousetrained recently? And because they still think that making things illegal stops them happening?

  4. Apropos of nothing, one French expression I discovered for “bolting the stable door after the horse as bolted” is “mustard after dinner”, which I rather like.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Off topic but on the subject of stable doors and bolting, how many things are wrong with this story?

    These are obviously the sort of vibrant and diverse school rooms that Rusty thinks we are obligated to have.

    Anyone have a solution that does *not* involve gene editing?

  6. As Henry Marsh points out, is this sex, or all acts? There’s a lot of women on Adultwork that do OWO, or Oral Without.

  7. Nah, I’m pretty sure, this is just like the laws against child labor: Only ever passed (or enforced) once the underlying practice has practically disappeared for more obvious reasons anyway.

    Just another way for politicians to take credit for social progress they had no part in causing and scaring the gullible away from liberal reforms. “Without strong labor laws, your little Timmy would be dragged from his Montessori school and forced to work in the coal mines!”

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