That coppery, scandiumy, metally feeling

And I am not alone in my concerns: and I suspect we will always have them whilst you are primarily funded by KPMG

The model if sponsored think tanks is, I am afraid too well known for us to not have such concerns

And someone sponsored by PCS should not be looked at askance?

2 thoughts on “That coppery, scandiumy, metally feeling”

  1. He is funded by the scummy Marxist leader of PCS using the members money.

    I doubt that the actual dues paying members were asked if Murphalot was a good way to spend their cash.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Especially one with such a track record of sucking up to his funders. I could not believe Hilary in the debate was so shameless as to claim the millions people gave her have not *demonstrably changed her decisions.

    Off topic but I feel the need to share anyway, Project Panda was a nuclear programme leading to up Ivy Mike – the first American hydrogen bomb. Two new elements were found as a result.

    There was a move to name Element 99 after the Project. They wanted to call it “Pandamonium”. But in the end settled for the much more boring Einsteinium.

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