That defence chiefs letter is falling apart

David Cameron is facing a backlash from military leaders over a letter saying Britain must stay in the EU on national security grounds after one of Britain’s most distinguished war heroes said he felt pressured into signing it.
Field Marshal Lord Bramall, the former head of the army, said he was presented with a “fait accompli” by Downing Street and said it was “not the kind of letter I would have originated myself”.
It also emerged that at least two other former Chiefs of Defence Staff, Field Marshal Lord Walker and Lord Richards of Herstmonceux, declined to sign the letter along with General Sir Peter Wall, a former head of the Army.

Or as one of those who declined to sign it said:

Another former senior Army officer said he had declined to sign the letter because he had deep concerns about the potential threat EU policies posed towards British security, particularly following its inept handling of the migration crisis.
The officer said: “I am interested in defence and security, and the letter deals with neither defence nor security so far as I am concerned.
“On the contrary, you only have to look at the EU’s handling of the migrant crisis, with an estimated 6,000 jihadis said to have made their way to Europe from Syria disguised as refugees, to see that Brussels has helped to create a direct threat to our well-being.”


8 thoughts on “That defence chiefs letter is falling apart”

  1. Mon dieu! I wasn’t surprised the likes of Rupert Smith signing it, but I thought some of the others were sensible…

  2. I didn’t think much of the argument in the letter that our security is increased being In not because the EU helps defence as such , no no, but because we can veto completely stupid foreign policy. Therefore we ought to bind ourselves to them (and thus give the same organisation making stupid foreign policy both rights of immigration, and control over home affairs and justice policy).

  3. CHF said:

    but because we can veto completely stupid foreign policy

    Yes it’s a crap argument for staying in. If we aren’t in a political union then we can simply not take part in stupid foreign policy decisions.

    Many of the claims for staying in rely on us thinking Europeans need saving from themselves – on defence, free markets, political clout, etc. They don’t, so they’ll be fine if we leave. But *if they did* need keeping honest then they are the last people we should be joined at the hip to!

  4. “If you leave the husband who beats you, you won’t be there to beg him not to beat you”.

    It’s a very weird argument from the EUphiles.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    So. Just after the government trashes Lord Bramall’s reputation in an insane paedophilia witchhunt, he feels slightly pressured to sign a letter supporting the government’s agenda?

    You know, normally I would say this sort of f**king Third World sh!t is the unique preserve of the Third World. Not so sure now.

  6. ” this sort of f**king Third World sh!t i”

    You can campaign for government policy, which is staying In, but even if you’re a minister, we’ll stop briefing you and possibly sack you later if you’re for going Out.

  7. Seems there is also at least one or more who number 10 says signed it who did not sign it. Sir Michael Rose for one…..

  8. “Behind the curve” Cameron.

    Comes out as the heir to Blair when everyone else is deciding Tone wasn’t the most honest occupant No. 10 ever had.

    Drags the Tories left just as the voters have had enough of socialism.

    Bangs the drum for the EU when the EU is clearly doomed and will be lucky to escape this year unscathed.

    O/T Has Merkle made her cat a minister yet? It can only be a matter of time.

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