There’s a reason for this

Government spending is 97.8% of GDP.

By 2008 unemployment had risen to 94%

That being:

A white Zimbabwean farmer has been handcuffed and forcibly removed from his farm after police stormed the property to enforce a claim made by a British doctor.
Phillip Rankin was first ordered off his tobacco farm in September last year following a claim for land made by Dr Sylvester Nyatsuro, who was born in Zimbabwe but now has British citizenship.
Dr Nyatsuro, a 45-year-old GP who runs a slimming clinic in Nottingham, arrived at the tobacco farm, Kingston Deverill, in September with a letter from the government allocating the land to him.
Political sources in Harare suggested the doctor – whom Mr Rankin said was accompanied by his wife, Veronica and government officials, had family connections to Grace Mugabe, the president’s wife.

It’s not all that difficult. Take productive assets from those who use them productively and hand them over to those who have no fucking clue and your economy goes down the toilet.

This is true whatever we want to say about race, colonialism, socialism, or Uncle Tom Cobbleigh. It’s just fucking lunacy.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Government spending is 97.8% of GDP.

    By 2008 unemployment had risen to 94%

    Anyone asked Ritchie for his opinion? Sounds right up his street.

    Does anyone think that allowing people like this to immigrate to the UK is going to work out well in the end? Do we want the person taking the farm or the person who made it successful only to have it stolen from him?

  2. Dr Pisspot needs to see the inside of a cell on this end of the transaction. As it should be framed in law that any who aid, assist and benefit from tyranny are up for heavy punishment if they return –or, brazenly–are still on these shores.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    This is true whatever we want to say about race, colonialism, socialism, or Uncle Tom Cobbleigh. It’s just fucking lunacy.

    This is only Step 1 in the world of Leftist idiocy. In 1918, the Russian peasants spontaneously redistributed all the land. The Communists rode to power by promising to legalise this theft. Then in 1929 they formally introduced the classification of “the Kulak”, the rich peasant. In 1930 the government began to murder them all.

    So the next stage of true f*cking lunacy is to redistribute all the land and then, after a decade, see who did in fact have a clue. Followed by rounding the competent ones up and deporting them to die in Siberia.

    People wonder why the Soviet Union had an agriculture problem.

  4. Compare Rhodes who made a mint, built infrastructure, cultivated talent(Kipling, Herbert Baker) then bequeathed it all to the nation and international young bright brains with Mugabe, Zuma and assorted post colonial leaders who consumed or destroyed everything within their grasp then blamed the West. Tell me why the UK has an aid budget to prop up these locusts.

  5. A slimming clinic in Nottingham.

    So, not enfolded in the bosom of the state, then?
    In other words, strike offable.

    Just sayin’.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    JuliaM – “Anyone else see the irony in a ‘dr’ running a slimming clinic owning a tobacco plantation?”

    Well Africans often do like the more “traditionally built” woman. Maybe it is just an excuse to meet babes. I mean I have been to Nottingham. There must be some.

  7. Dr Cromarty

    OK, so, attack strategies? Write to the GMC? Bringing the profession into disrepute for being involved in a) theft b) tobacco production? MPs? Home Office? If he’s a non-UK citizen, anything in the criteria about non-involvement in crime?

    Seriously, this fucker can go and enjoy his wasteland tobacco plantation, while not enjoying a job here.

  8. .Given what a shithole Nottingham is these days, “slimming clinic” could quite easily be a front for illegal amphetamine supply.

    Somebody should check.

    Addis Ababa – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was given a standing ovation by his peers at the African Union (AU) summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Saturday as he handed over the chair of the body with a rousing speech, filled with more than his usual invective against former colonists, imperialists, Westerners, US President Barack Obama, the United Nations, and whites.

  10. @ JuliaM
    Most people put on weight when they give up smoking and many lose weight when they take it up again. So producing tobacco is quite compatible, financially, with running a slimming clinic.
    Ethics? Well, we can see his ethical standards from the report.

  11. Your all thick/.racits.pricks this doctor/framer is jts an honest tobaco framer who wanst to live his lfie in pece.

  12. If he were an honest tobacco farmer who wanted to live his life in peace, he would arrange a mutually acceptable rent with the person currently farming the land; it’s no longer considered against the laws of God and Nature for a black landlord to have a white tenant.

  13. In reality, except for the farmer, it wouldn’t be a problem if we just left them all to starve to death. But it becomes our problem when we send money in to prop up this regime.

    What happened to the policy we applied to the Chinese? We didn’t like what they did so they get no cash until they changed. They changed but not the way we wanted but that is theory vs practice.

  14. Were all of the farms confiscated white owned?

    As a dictator I’d want to distract the general population by publicizing kicking the colonialist out. In reality I would be more concerned with removing potential enemies. Scapegoats are always more useful when they are obviously different.

    It does bother me that no one feels bad for the workers who’ve lost their jobs.

  15. Liberal Yank, yes they were.

    Which is why Rhodesia went from bread-basket of Southern Africa to Zimbabwe basket case. As for the workers, those that weren’t flogged for being collaborators, they got to stay on the farms while the crops rotted in the barns.

  16. So then Zimbabwe lost profitable farms. The workers, at best, lost their pay. Nothing positive was accomplished.

    It seems they need to get some students learning how to run an economy. Perhaps they can find a wealthy benefactor to provide scholarships to a prestigious University. Hopefully they can find an institution without any statues.

  17. If Rhodesia had continued to exist it would have changed over time to a far better place than the scum-zone Zimbabwe will ever be, They already had a growing black middle-class, black barristers etc. Two to four more generations and an increasingly prosperous black majority would have been ready to take over slowly, having been educated in Western values instead of the horseshit mixture of tribalism and socialist evil that now prevails.

  18. LY. Well there’s robbery, tragic accidents, inventive ways of doing things with paperwork and scandals..
    The Colonialists are usually your standard civilian. Actual potential enemies and rivals need some…Extra Attention.. Can’t just kick them out.. They just may turn out to be popular, or even worse, capable..

  19. Grikath that makes me wonder who disappeared that wasn’t noticed thanks to a cover. With a dictator trying to maintain power the simple answer isn’t always the right one.

  20. Zimbabwe has a far better education system than its neighbour to the south. The diaspora in South Africa has been hugely beneficial to employers who appreciate literate motivated workers, from professional to unskilled. These same people would have grown the Zimbabwean economy had the politics and politicians’ greed not been so utterly evil.

  21. @ Liberal Yank
    The guys senior to Mugabe in ZANU just happened to die very prematurely at a time when the white Rhodesian government were merely imprisoning the leading black “revolutionaries” (mas-murderers).

  22. @Gamecock
    I would argue cutting off aid is more important than free markets. Textiles and agriculture can’t compete if charity groups are giving them away for free.

  23. Liberal Yank, if you want to know the sort of people who took over the reins of Zimbabwe look up Air Rhodesia flight 825.

  24. Rhodeosa, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka all told the UK to fuck off and we did. Now they all wallow in shit. Fuck them. No one to blame but themselves.

  25. Where can I find a good history of late colonial development?

    Other than Canada, Australia and New Zealand what successes are there?

    I like to know why all of these former colonies fail at having a basic government.

  26. There is some evidence that in some areas the foreign office policy when leaving was to engineer a state that was likely to be chaotic (e.g. border splits that didn’t follow tribal lines) presumably on the grounds that they would be too busy fighting among themselves to do anything detrimental to Britain

  27. “I like to know why all of these former colonies fail at having a basic government.”

    Can’t say–and don’t care– as to the Frogs but British colonies were rapidly taken over by British University trained socialist scum. With a taste for larceny from day one and an ever growing taste for tyranny, state-manufactured chaos, murder and even more outré shit that would have hardly been credible on the “Twilight Zone”— which is what Afreeka has become.

  28. ““I would leave this farm, walk away, if the British pay me compensation for my farm and all the things on it,” said Mr Rankin.”

    Um. What?

  29. @ Liberal Yank
    Other than Australia, Canada and New Zealand … Bermuda, Hong Kong, Malaysia (things only started deteriorating under the third PM), Singapore, Brunei, Botswana, Swaziland, Fiji, Tonga, Falkland Islands, Trinidad, Mauritius, …
    The Danish colony in Iceland isn’t doing too bad, either.
    There are a lot of other examples like Cyprus that prospered not only under British rule but for a decade thereafter.

  30. Ljh is correct. And so is Mr Ecks. It’s the socialists who brainwashed the thieves and gave them the excuses they needed for wholesale larceny. Conversely, Zimbabweans of any hue are highly sought after employees in SA, as they are bright and diligent and have left Mugabe’s kleptocracy.

  31. Zimbabwe is in the shitter because it’s easier to steal a living that earn one and they have none of the institutions which prevent that. They have none of the institutions because western leftists spent decades eating away at support for those institutions and this allowed the nastiest, strongest, and best connected the psychological and legal cover which enabled them to ride roughshod over the rest. The left has so much to answer for.

  32. @John77 : Swaziland ? You sure about that ? Last I checked it was an absolute monarchy whose absolute monarch was trying to extract as much personal loot as possible.

  33. @ gunker
    It’s years since I checked. Swaziland was granted independence in 1968 as a kingdom with a constitutional monarchy, nearly surrounded by the Republic of South Africa. The most memorable part of the constitution is that the king must be left-handed. The present king was only born in 1968 so if he is a bad lot (I’ve only your word for it), that doesn’t mean that the British “Protectorate” was a failure. Swaziland has had neither wars nor revolutions in my lifetime making it one of the only two peaceful countries in sub-saharan Africa.

  34. So Much For Subtlety

    john77 – “It’s years since I checked. Swaziland was granted independence in 1968 as a kingdom with a constitutional monarchy, nearly surrounded by the Republic of South Africa.”

    Oh come on. How can you not be keeping up with Swazi events? Swaziland is the country where the nation’s virgins have to parade and dance before the King so he can select his annual virgin bride. It adds immensely to the gaiety of the nation, well the world really.

    On the downside, we have had to take at least one asylum seeker on her utterly bogus claim that the King wanted to marry her. I would have thought there was a cheap and simple way to avoid becoming the King’s umpteenth virgin bride.

    Anyway, just to show Rusty, BiG and our other assorted Social Justice Warriors that I am not down on all Third World sh!tholes and their vile mainly dysfunctional practices, I would totally support the introduction of this custom to Britain. Which, come to think of it, is more or less how William met Middle Class Boring Mumsnet Whatshername. Kate. Who wouldn’t want to see Charles inspecting rows of fat, pasty, tattoo’ed slags? Be a bit discriminatory against the girls of the North though. On the plus side, breeding some fast-running genes into the Royals wouldn’t be bad.

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