There’s an interesting number missing from this

UK householders throw away 34,000 tonnes of beef every year – the equivalent of 300m beef burgers, according to new research.

The national Love Food Hate Waste campaign has partnered with farmer and BBC Countryfile presenter, Adam Henson, to urge Britons to make the most of their meat.

Around £260m worth of raw and cooked beef items go to waste each year in UK households, according to the research by the campaign. But much of this could be avoided, it says, through simple steps such as planning meals in advance, storing food better, understanding date labels, serving the right portions and making better use of leftovers.

Which is, how much is that? Is that a lot or a little?

It would appear that beef sales are around £2.2 billion a year in the UK.

10% wastage of fresh food? Sound like much of a problem? Adding in scraps, stuff that goes off in the back of the fridge, overcooking, bone and fat and all the rest?

Can’t say it’s exactly one of those numbers that scares me really.

Do note, of course, that they are valuing said scraps at the non-scraps prices…..

26 thoughts on “There’s an interesting number missing from this”

  1. Also note the assumption that the inconvenience of planning meals in advance is outweighed by the associated waste. One would have thought any given individual would be able to decide for themselves and adapt their behavior accordingly, but no, the BBC helpfully tells us which is the correct path to salvation.

  2. Is this a lot or a little ?

    £260m per annum , given about 26m UK households is a tenner a year per household, or about 20p a week.

    The Love Food Hate Waste campaign can fuck off and die.

  3. Usual witttering about food waste in developed countries, when to all intents and purposes it is a problem solved. They should turn their thoughts to how to stop the 50% of food waste in developing markets that don’t have well established supply chains to prevent it.

  4. … or we could save £25 million a year at a stroke of a pen by de-funding WRAP, and let people make their own decisions.
    I know what I’d do.

  5. 10% of beef wasted by households?
    No, I just don’t believe that. There’s plenty of waste in restaurants where it makes economic sense to have stuff left over at the end of the day rather than miss out on one customer ordering a steak and chips for £16 where the cost of the meat is around £2.
    I occasionally throw away stale bread if my wife unexpectedly cooks me a meal when I’d been planning to grab a sandwich at the desk, but beef? I haven’t wasted any beef in years.

  6. Well, Adam is undoubtedly praying that we don’t reduce demand by 34000 tonnes per year or he’s right up shit creek, isn’t he?

  7. Love Food, Hate Lying Leftist Shite.

    Fixed it for them.

    They will be counting bones, fat, spoiled meat, beef-flavoured Quorn, spilled Beef & Onion crisps etc,etc. Anything to peddle their lies.

    Who funds these twats?

  8. What the fuck’s a beef burger? It’s a hamburger patty, you fuckwits. Got nowt to do with ham. Cunts.

  9. “Around £260m worth of raw and cooked beef items…”

    How do they calculate this? is it based on original cost?

  10. I waste zero amount of roast beef. What doesn’t get eaten when hot (or cold, sliced with pickles) gets minced and made into delicious cottage pie.

    Why would anyone throw it out?

  11. No information on the website on how they arrived at this number

    Best to treat it as a number plucked out of thin air

  12. Intractable Potsherd

    @SJW – even then, is is a non-problem. Who loses out – no-one. I have to agree with the majority on this one – this is just another group of people with nothing better to do than tell people how to live their lives.

    Note that I have no dog in this fight – I rarely eat meat due to illness, and I rarely throw food away: I’m with the late, lamented Terry Wogan regarding sell-by dates!

  13. The assumption then is that it is possible for everyone accurately to calculate just how much meat each family member will eat in some future meal, be able to buy just the right amount.

    And exactly how do these clowns imagine there is any accurate means of measuring ‘waste’ food?

    Meat goes to ‘waste’ whether or not it has transited the gastrintestinal tract first.

  14. @ SJW
    Thanks for the link, which shows relatively low wastage for beef.
    So I stop and think 34,000 tonnes = 34 million kilograms = roughly one lb of beef per person per year.
    Now me, myself, I don’t waste that much beef – but I do eat rather more than 10lbs of beef in a year now that I can afford to do so.

  15. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Well, yes, if you eat beef once a week then you’re ‘wasting’ about a third of an ounce a go. Not everyone eats beef, some people eat more of it than others, yada yada but mutatis mutandis this is about as close to a non-problem as one can think of. People see the figure and think, “cor! Thassa lotta beef!” or even the one pound per person and think “flippin’ eck! That’s like chuckin’ a 16 oz sirloin down the bog”. But really it’s like fretting about how much toothpaste is left in the bottom of the tube when you start a new one.

    The real problem is that people (and I loosely include Guardian journalists in this category) are thick and innumerate.

  16. I’d like to out that the larger problem is actually long term planning. Landfill archaeologists found that during the 1973 beef shortage three times the normal average amounts of beef were thrown out. This also occurred during the 1975 sugar shortage, with wasted sugar of course.

    The original report I read discounted all of these “simple steps” as they actually increase food waste. The appropriate solution is for consumers to avoid buying in bulk and instead make more frequent trips to the store. People who shopped at small local markets instead of supermarkets, while paying more per item, end up spending slightly less overall on food once waste was accounted for. The best planning results were when people decided what they were cooking for the day based on what the store had for sale.

    If I come across the paper I will post the link. It is something to think about the next time you buy groceries. I’ve tried to explain this to my parents but they insist on going to walmart. Every time I go to visit I end up cleaning out the fridge with hundreds of dollar of food ending up in the trash. This is despite the fact that they are retired and go shopping every couple days at most.

  17. Liberal Yank
    When people occasionally compliment me on my appearance relative to my age I put it down to a good choice of parents. I should add that to my comments about food wastage.

  18. @ Liberal Yank
    I am not happy with my appearance, skinny (until I stopped running) and undersized, but I don’t look old. I don’t waste food because my parents brought me up not to waste food – you are to be complimented on overcoming your disadvantage.

  19. And here I thought I was pointing out an odd 3rd order effect involving the supply of meat.

    It should be obvious if there is more food being stored the should be an increase of waste if for no other reason than there is a larger chance of damage.

  20. @ Liberal Yank
    Oh, ah, yes, you are right.
    I missed it because I thought the big question was are households wasting 10% of beef, to which my response was “whaT?!?”

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