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But then that’s rather Venezuela’s tragedy, isn’t it? The people trying to run the economy have no more idea of now to run an economy than my breakfast piece of toast this morning knew how to run an economy. And I eated that just as history will, in the fullness of time, be able to digest the economic idiocy of Maduro, del Pino and Merentes.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The only important question is whether the Venezuelans will learn. I am going with no, they won’t. Fecklessness may as well be genetic because Latins can’t seem to shake it.

    In other news, the police are probing the Jeremy Thorpe murder plot once more:


    Finally a historical investigation into police cover ups I can support. Remember Rinka!

  2. Working in the oil industry you occasionally come across expat Venezuelans who decry what is happening in their home country, but are just glad that they are not there suffering with their families and countrymen.

    Working abroad at least gives them the advantage of hard currency which can be used on the Venezuelan black market to buy necessary basics.

    Sad to say, but the sooner that Venezuela goes bust and throws the bums out the better. When Hugo Chávez died three years ago next week, I would have staked money on the remaining clowns like Maduro being ousted by the end of the year, the fact that he’s managed to retain power shows surprising tenacity, but I doubt that he and the other socialist maggots will survive much longer.

    The appeal of “free stuff” becomes a bit pointless when the shelves of the state stores are empty because the “official retail price” of many items is below the cost of production.

    Only under socialism do idiots think they can force people to produce stuff at a loss.

  3. Apparently I have an ad blocker which I needed to turn off. Thing is, I don’t. Oops. Somewhat of a technical failure there.

  4. “I’ve been ad-block blocked on that page, even turning it off or whitelisting doesn’t help. Sorry.”

    The Forbes site is unreadable on an iphone. It is an object lesson in exactly how to instantly fuck off anyone trying to read an article.

  5. Odd. I have an ad blocker – uBlock – running, and I get the Forbes ‘3-2-1-Continue to site’ thingy, then continuing to site gives me Timmy’s article no problem. I’m running Firefox 44.0.2 on Linux. I also have AdBlock Plus loaded but that’s disabled whilst I’m trying uBlock. I also have Ghostery running, which doesn’t seem to affect Forbes, but I have noticed that some other sites I use have to have specific things enabled.

  6. Once I white listed Forbes, Adblock plus on chrome, I had no problem accessing the site. I will leave Forbes white listed since, as we know from the earlier Vox article, they pay for at least some of their content.

    My take on Venezuela, all Latin America in fact, is the best thing to do is let them make mistakes. Thanks to over a century of interference the people do not trust the US. Step one is to stop the most damaging policies towards Latin America. Once the authoritarian super-socialist governments collapse the people might just be up to listening to good advice. As long as the US continues to care how a Colombian farmer makes his living we will continue to see radical anti-US governments.

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