Well, yes, obviously, we should all be listening to you then

David Cameron is making an enormous “legacy mistake” by going all-out for fracking in the UK, the actor and environmental activist Mark Ruffalo has warned.

The actor, who is famous for his role as the Hulk in the Avenger films and who stars in Spotlight about the Boston Globe’s investigation into Catholic child abuse,

So someone whose fame stems from the ability to say “Hulk Smash” and “bend over, this won’t hurt a bit laddie” is someone whose views on the extraction of hydrocarbons from underneath Cheshire we must listen to, yes?

Well, actually, listen to, what the hell, it’s a free country with free speech. Pay attention to is another matter of course.

16 thoughts on “Well, yes, obviously, we should all be listening to you then”

  1. He can join Leonardo di Caprio in flying around the world on his LearJet telling the plebs they should reduce their living standards to protect the environment.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Has anyone asked Gwyneth Paltrow her opinion?

    There is virtually no subject on which actual expert opinion matters for much. Everything is done by the Spin Doctors and whatever plays well for the next election.

    The West is slowly committing suicide.

  3. “And what is a politician if he’s not credible,” he said in a filmed interview with green group, Friends of the Earth.”

    You’ve got Obama, chum. You’ve got no leg to stand on.


    “moved with his family to San Diego, California, and later to Los Angeles, where he took classes at the Stella Adler Conservatory and co-founded the Orpheus Theatre Company. With the Orpheus Theatre Company, he wrote, directed, and starred in a number of plays, and spent close to a decade working as a bartender”

    Oh no wait.

  5. oh, and this is brilliant

    “He claimed in the December 2010 issue of GQ magazine that after he organized screenings in Pennsylvania of a documentary about natural-gas-drilling called Gasland, he was placed on a terror advisory list. The Department of Homeland Security denied the claim”

    “I’ve been put on a TERROR LIST!”
    “No you haven’t”

  6. He very well may be an idiot savant in energy production. Maybe his Hulk insights into gamma radiations will finally give us fusion power to replace hydrocarbons. As soon as he has a working ARC reactor we can stop using oil altogether. He is, after all, friends with Tony Stark.

    Or we could just realize that real life requires compromises. Solar is sometimes a good solution. I’d rather have gas so I don’t freeze to death on the cold night when the wind stops blowing.

  7. Did the sarcasm go over your head on that one?

    I don’t care what Mark Ruffalo is saying if he isn’t offering a solution, that works, to the problem. The danger is when politicians force crap solutions on us. Sanders and Cliton both advocate RE as the basis for our grid which just isn’t technologically feasible. The other side is big oil/coal which has it’s own problems but at least it works.

  8. Tim Newman,

    I’ve recently started tracking Emma Thompson and Leo’s Google News alerts. If they’re in London and we’re last in LA, on go the air miles. Not much activity yet, but a film promotion or awards season should get it going. I think I should add Ruffalo.

    Leo really bust his credentials by chartering a jet to see 2 New Years in. It’s just comical to hear him lecturing about the environment after that.

  9. Mr Ecks it was a typo that I started to correct before realizing someone would find it hilarious. I hope you enjoyed it.

  10. The weird thing about this is some people will listen to Ruffalo and take him seriously. He even probably takes himself seriously.

    And yet (as per Flatcap) he spent ten years as a bar man.

    I don’t know anyone who gets his opinions (certainly opinions upon which he’s prepared to pay a lot more tax) from a bar man.

    If Ruffalo had been born with his eyes a half-inch closer together, he’d be dishing out pints of piss to drunks and no-one would remotely care what he thought about anything.

  11. Sometimes you discover Slebs actually have the aptitute and qualifications behind their non-Sleb comments. Haven’t noticed that with Ruffalo though.

  12. “Donna Hume, senior campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said: “The government admits that the more people know about fracking, the more they oppose it. That’s why Mark Ruffalo, who has seen the impacts of fracking first-hand, doesn’t want Lancashire to suffer the same impacts as so many states in the US.”

    First-hand? Wikipedia suggests this boils down to frackers wanting to buy some of his land, and watching gasland.

    “where he argued solar and wind are here now, and using fracked natural gas instead of cleaner sources of energy will result in more faucets on fire,… ”


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