What a difference two days makes, eh?

On Saturday the Murphmonster said:

And there are also those who like to say that the charge is passed on to the customers or the employees of companies. I think the evidence for that is remarkably weak: if the tax charge could be got rid of so easily then I have no doubt at all that much less effort would be put into avoiding it.

On Monday, the Lord High Tax Denouncer said:

The fact is that corporation taxes are like democracy, easily the worst way of taxing the income earned by companies that will at some unpredictable date in the future become the income of others

And yes, the Murphmonster and the Lord High Tax Denouncer are indeed the same person.

20 thoughts on “What a difference two days makes, eh?”

  1. Just give the monkey 999 helpers and he’ll produce a ration thought within the next millennium.

    I have thought about checking out his blog though. I’d love to know how to get paid for being a drivel expert. Knowing that his response won’t make any sense is the only thing holding me back.

  2. Have a read at this thread on his blog & his spat with a contributor called Walton.

    ‘Would those commenting on tax please engage their brains first?’

  3. I actually have never bothered to find his blog. He doesn’t deserve any extra traffic from what I’ve seen. Does anyone still take him seriously?

  4. The great man has invented country by country reporting.

    I can see the headline on the Daily Mash now:

    “Man who makes a good living from compliance reporting discovers a new thing people have to report about to comply’.

  5. “Does anyone still take him seriously?”

    He’s giving evidence at the Treasury Select Committee this week. I would hope they have just invited him for giggles.

  6. “Those are not sales in the UK

    They are sales into the UK

    They are UK purchases

    They are not a tax base

    ASCT has never existed in the UK

    Taxing in advance is never considered fair. Why should it be?”

    Jesus, where the he’ll to start? Should it be with his acknowledgement that Google has obeyed the law? Should it perhaps be with his dismissal of all his own great ideas which have “never existed in the UK”

    Or should it be with his own dismissal of the idea he himself appeared to support on this very post: ACT, with the retort that “taxing in advance is never considered fair, why should it be?”

    Saturday to Monday? The cretin can’t can’t keep a fixed idea in his head from 9am to midday.

  7. @adrian
    Well he claims to have invented it despite myself and other on this blog have come across the same concept going back further than him.
    Also he seems to think that this will be a miracle of transparency and will force companies to change their entire legal and reporting structure. What he really seems to want is to be able to say that if a company makes x% global profit then that’s what they should declare everywhere (so no Starbucks losses etc.). As with most of his ranting it’s not thought through and I very much doubt it will produce what he expects.

  8. Ha Ha

    Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has made a big show of publishing his tax return. Only what’s he has published is not the correct part of the tax return he ought to have submitted. He’s published pages SA102 (employment) but there are special SA102MP pages for MPs. It does make a difference as there are many payments and allowances which MPs make and get that can only be returned via a SA102MP.

    In other words, he’s filed an incorrect return.


  9. Or maybe he doesn’t want to publish the MP pages, wouldn’t want people to think there are special sweetheart deals for MPs after all

  10. I don’t understand what Dickie is saying in the second excerpt. I thought democracy was the *least worst* option for how to run a country not the worst.

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    Just in passing, and more or less off topic, alas, it turns out that Ritchie is simply ahead of his time. You might think that his comment policy is because he is a thin-skinned arrogant know-it-all who in reality is profoundly ignorant of the real world. But if so, he is in good company:

    The Guardian has announced it will close comments underneath articles on race, immigration, and Islam. The reason, according to the ultra-progressive newspaper, is that such topics attract an “unacceptable level of toxic commentary.”

    “The overwhelming majority of these comments tend towards racism, abuse of vulnerable subjects, author abuse and trolling” said Guardian executive editor Mary Hamilton. “The resulting conversations below the line bring very little value but cause consternation and concern among both our readers and our journalists.”

    Also Sweden, a country run by Ritchies obviously, has begun blocking the Daily Mail:


    And the Netherlands is sending the lads around if the authorities don’t like your tweets:


    I often think that I have gone too far. But then I realise that no matter how far I go, I can’t hope to win in a crazy contest with the Left.

  12. SMFS
    “some conversations had become toxic at an international level – “a change in mainstream public opinion and language that we do not wish to see reflected or supported on the site””

    It sounds like they want to elect a new global population.

    It looks like they are going completely anti-Mail, by refusing to have comments on articles that might make them money. Well I suppose it’s one way to run a business…for a while.

  13. Ahhhh the good old free speech only counts when you are saying what we want you to say argument

    As a UK politican once pointed out in a surprising fit of honesty and commonsense there can never be an open honest debate on immigration in Britain (or any country for that matter) until some people stop automatically calling those that have concerns or disagree with them racist

  14. “bring very little value but cause consternation and concern among both our readers and our journalists”

    What they forget is that Consternation and Concern will be visited upon them regardless.

    The echo-chamber mentality left Guardian types wholly unable to anticipate and/or cope with the last General Election result.

  15. SMFS : “And the Netherlands is sending the lads around if the authorities don’t like your tweets”

    Actually, yes, they do. The authorities tend to do that when you flout local regs and try to organise a “protest” along the lines of “spontaneous expressions of concerned citizens” which have already caused a couple of ….incidents..
    Especially in the case of mr. Jongeneel, who has gotten his mug noticed at several of those already and is, shall we say.. one salute short of a swastika.
    “Johan” is just hilarious.. He’s got an IQ for which only the qualifier “subterranean” is sufficient.

    It’s a good example how you can present a single occurrence, if you want to…paint a picture.
    Those two were trotted out and dissected in our decidely left-leaning Grauniad style National Media as prime examples of the mouthbreathers us Right Wing Racist Wilders-loving Misogynist Coldhearted Xenofobes are supposed to be, and were wondering why they didn’t get arrested immediately, instead of just given a simple warning that publicly inciting a possible riot during a council meeting over the internet may , all things considered, be not such a smart idea.

  16. In Murphy’s first post he actually published my critique of his insane ideas, then rebutted me in his usual insane and offensive manner, then allowed me to rebut his rebuttal.

    The man is growing, and is now at least a quarter inch above the fetid cesspit.

    He had the nerve to impugn my motives, when I frequently compliment him for his skills as a very great con-man.

    I write this comment largely because I suspect he frequently trolls about here and grinds his teeth in hapless rage at Tim’s takedowns and the very acidic commentariat here.

    Hiya Ricky, how’s it hanging? A little to left with a tear in its eye?

  17. magnusw,

    “It sounds like they want to elect a new global population.”

    That’s very much the case.

    You can see how an idea like CiF would have started. “Let’s get Guardian readers commenting on articles and have a debate” (but within the acceptable Guardian parameters). Then anyone signs up to the site and starts posting things that are not what they like.

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