Will the feminists welcome this or reject it?

Or perhaps we should ask which group of feminists will do which:

For women, shedding the pounds can feel like a unending struggle of dieting and exercise with little results.
But a new study suggests that there could be a reason why females find it more difficult to lose weight than men.
Researchers say hormones responsible for regulating appetite, physical activity and energy expenditure work differently in the sexes.

Simple observation of our fellow humans means that this should not surprise. And even a little bit of thinking about how child creation works would show that it’s not greatly surprising either. A woman does rather need to gain weight in order to produce the next generation in a manner that a man does not.

Not that this explains this specific mechanism: but that there might be a difference in weight regulation doesn’t surprise in the slightest.

So, is this a jet of of jail free card for the fatty lardbuckets? I’m female, you know, it’s my brain? Or will there be an absolute rejection in the sense that of course there can be no differences between male and female?

9 thoughts on “Will the feminists welcome this or reject it?”

  1. We needed a study for this?

    Men’s bodies are built for speed and power. Women’s bodies are built for endurance. It stands to reason that when a man exercises more weight or faster speeds are needed over a short time while a woman should do lower weights or speed for a longer time.

    Should this be titled Well Obviously?

  2. But the most fertile women are typically the slimmest; and post-menopausal women pile on the pounds like no tomorrow. Biology alone doesn’t explain that. Mate selection theory is a better fit.

  3. I’m a bit sceptical, I am. Looks a bit like an excuse for the “real women” mob, and indeed the usual “men’s problems are the fault of their own moral failings, women’s problems are not their own fault” mantra.

  4. That fair enough as long as men can say ‘It wasn’t me that decided to rob that bank, it was my biology!’ and get lesser prison sentences.

    If not, fuck off.

  5. I thought it was well-known that higher levels of testosterone builds muscle and reduces fat. Women naturally have a higher body fat percentage. When men get older their testosterone level naturally falls and the fat piles on the belly. Hormones also effect fat distribution so women will put on fat around the hips.

  6. So it’s not my fault I’m a lard bucket, I’m just getting old and my testosterone levels are falling. Way hey!

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Liberal Yank – “Men’s bodies are built for speed and power. Women’s bodies are built for endurance.”

    The world record for the men’s marathon is 2:02:57 held by the Kenyan Dennis Kimetto, who ran that in Berlin. The women’s record is 2:15:25 by Paula Radcliffe. Which I am sure was not enhanced by drugs at all.

    The Olympic records for the event were both set by Ethiopians at the 2008 Beijing Olympics: Kenenisa Bekele set the men’s record at 27:01.17 minutes, while Tirunesh Dibaba set the women’s mark at 29:54.66 minutes.

    The Olympic records for the event are 3:32.07 minutes for men, set by Noah Ngeny in 2000, and 3:53.96 minutes for women, set by Paula Ivan in 1988.

    Ms Ivan is Romanian and her record was almost certainly drug-enhanced.

    Women do not appear to have the slightest advantage in endurance events.

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