Yes, yes, it will Guy

First, a no vote on 23 June will be seen by the rest of the EU as an unqualified rejection by the UK of Europe.

That’s the point.

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  1. TomJ,

    Despite Boris stressing this point, we keep on hearing this muddled narrative of us wanting to leave Europe instead of the EU.

  2. ” If every country acts as Britain has done, it will be the end of the European Union. ”

    What’s not to like?

  3. Objecting to “Europe” being used for “EU” is passe, and not as gob-smackingly inaccurate as it used to be.

    My objection is the newer habit for replacing “Europe” with “Germany”,

  4. And, according to Emma Thompson, it will make our weather even worse. (The weather in “Europe” may be assumed to consist entirely of the weather in whichever parts of the Med Emma haunts in the summer).

  5. Objecting to “Europe” being used for “EU” is passe, and not as gob-smackingly inaccurate as it used to be.

    I get your point but pointing out the distinction between objecting to a political structure and objecting to the peoples or geography is always necessary. It goes to the core of understanding the Europhile – these people really think the things are indivisible.

  6. Yep, there really are people who talk as if the collapse of the EU would mean that Tuscany wouldn’t exist any more.

    Strangely, many of them seem to be the same sort of people who encourage an invasion which might well lead to the destruction of much that is most beautiful about Tuscany.

  7. Sorry, what I meant was:

    Using “Europe” in place of “EU” is seriously fucking annoying, but,

    a) Not as bad as when half or more of Europe was behind the Iron Curtain, or not interested, and

    b) Substituting “Germany” is even freaking worse (“German” taxpayers paying for everything, etc etc)

  8. “(“German” taxpayers paying for everything, etc etc)” Didn’t the Germans get a lot of the money to pay those taxes by having their banks make bad loans to other countries?

  9. Well, the Greeks did impose a hell of a “haircut” on commercial lenders to the state while other EU states didn’t have to accept the same losses. That was the primary cause of the bank collapses in Cyprus after all.

    So Greece has (once again mind you) written off some pretty large debts. Their major complaint seems to have been that they couldn’t just “write off” (that is refuse to repay moneys borrowed and presumably lent in good faith) the rest.

  10. I hadn’t heard of the Cyprus haircut before.

    What are the odds that the first useful link I found from Google was Timmy Elsewhere. For some reason this guy manages to include useful links.“>Naked capitalism claimed “Cyprus banks took €4.5 billion in losses” from Greek debt in 2013.

    Hopefully voters in Cyprus pick representatives that avoid these kinds of loses in the future.

    EU officials are not elected.

    Never mind, I understand now, get out of the EU if it can’t be fixed quickly.

  11. I messed up tags on the “EU officials are not elected.” line. Read that as an aside. Lack of preview strikes again.

  12. There you have it …. mention “German Taxpayers”, and someone brings up Greece, as if the bail out was funded by “German Taxpayers”.

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