Actors wear make up Shock! Horror!

The estate of Nina Simone has slapped down Zoe Saldana, the star of a controversial new biopic about the late soul icon, in an excoriating Twitter post.

The release on Thursday of a new trailer and poster for Nina has reignited debate over whether producers were right to cast Saldana, a US woman of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent, given the actor required dark makeup and a prosthetic nose to resemble her subject. A number of Twitter users accused the Star Trek actor of performing in “blackface”, and now the carriers of Simone’s flame have weighed in to condemn Cynthia Mort’s film.

She is an actress. the technical description of what she is doing is acting.

That is, pretending to be someone else for the purpose of telling a story.

And amazingly, all actors and actresses wear make up to aid them in doing so.

In other words, fuck off you ghastly little tossers.

19 thoughts on “Actors wear make up Shock! Horror!”

  1. Even worse than a Latina playing Black: I saw Eddie Redmayne the other day playing ‘The Danish Girl’. He’s got some fucking balls he has!

  2. She was in a film called Colombiana and I can assure having been to Medellin that she looks a lot more like Nina Simone than the typical woman in Medellin (who are mixed European/ American Indian heritage).
    Although in that film she didn’t even try to look right.

  3. Oh noes, not TWITTER!! Gasp.

    Odd. It is essential for Morgan Freeman to portray Macbeth, for example, but only Verified Black People can play black people.

    You would think they were racists, wouldn’t you?

  4. The only person acceptable to the Ultras would be…Nina Simone, and I reckon half of them wouldn’t consider her to be legitimate, somehow.

  5. Crikey! They must have uglied Zoe up a heck of a lot. Nina was like a bulldog chewing a wasp, when at her best.

  6. And yet nobody complained when she played Uhura, a black African character whose native language was Swahili (as attested in The Changeling).

    Are African-Americans more African than Africans?

  7. @ Ted S… Ever noticed how caucasian the Good Guys in Japanese movies/anime/manga are? We’re their beauty ideal….

  8. I think also it’s possibly not “the estate of Nina Simone” – the tweet was from an fan account that may or may not be associated with them

  9. Grikath, I think Yanks class all “latinas” as white, so according to their rather odd rules this is a white woman blacking up.

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    It is about job protection. Black actors don’t get many roles. The famous “I would rather play a maid than be a maid” comment. If roles that Blacks can do go to non-Blacks that is kind of unfair.

    But the insistence on colour-blind casting when it comes to Whites is laughable in that context.

    I can’t wait until they do the life of Oprah or Aretha Franklin. Who are they going to cast? Ms Saldana is obviously out. The girl from Precious? Let’s hope that Queen Latifa lives long enough.

  11. Ian,
    Nobody objected when she played a blue bird in Avatar or a green bird in Guardians, either. All she needs is Hell Girl for the set.

  12. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Any time I see something like this I assume the ‘aggrieved’ parties are bucking for a handout.

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