All a bit Pavlik Morozov, isn’t it?

“Elections are decided by the people who turn up. And don’t think you have to keep your opinion on the EU debate to yourself. Go out and make the case to others and in particular your older friends and relatives. Make sure they know what the vote means for you.”

13 thoughts on “All a bit Pavlik Morozov, isn’t it?”

  1. The lying sacks of shite continue their parade.

    “Comrades!!!–A future without state oppression is unthinkable!!! The Young Pioneers, The Spies and the Junior Anti-Sex League will all turn out for Ingsoc and BluLabour. Pressure the elderly traitors. Vote for EUrasian tyranny. We have always been at war with Eastasia. .”

    From the fetid gob of a supposed Tory.

  2. I fail to see how potentially reducing the competition provided by freely-admitted, better-educated Europeans could be said to be “damaging” to one’s job prospects.

  3. “…in particular your older friends and relatives. Make sure they know what the vote means for you.”

    And when they tell you what they thought they were signing up to (a free trade association) and what they got (an unelected tyrant) you’ll be a bit wiser…

  4. They never go into detail, break the process down step-by-step, never say exactly how Brexit will bring about Armageddon. So “scaremongering” does seem to be a barge that sticks.

  5. If she hasn’t do you really believe Brian won’t? Are you happy being governed by the world’s largest undemocratic legislature (the house of lords)?

  6. @BiG: wtf? The House of Lords has very little power now, and when it does exert itself, it usually does so for the excellent reason that the HoC is trying to do something more than usually stupid.

    Going back to the topic, they’re getting pretty desperate, aren’t they.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    BiG: … the world’s largest undemocratic legislature (the house of lords)?

    What an extraordinary assertion.

    The HoL does not and cannot enact legislation unilaterally.

    The European Parliament claims a vestige of democratic respectability in the sense that its member are elected but not on any kind of prospectus or programme which makes the process hollow.

    The Commission has no democratic legitimacy and is led by nominees – rather like the HoL, in fact.

    The Council? The External Action Service? What’s the benefit or the legitimacy there?

    Why should Britain have any truck with the whole ghastly mess?

  8. FFS, we’ve been through this before on here – no one is governed by the HoL.

    Go and learn something about the UK Parliament, and the distinction between HoC, HoL and Government.

    And the role of the civil service. And while you’re about it, as it’s wholly relevant, the EU commission etc.

  9. “Going back to the topic”

    Maybe that was the real intention – divert attention with some obvious nonsense!

  10. I’ll bite BiG.

    The problem with democracy is that it gives power to the uneducated, the ignorant, the selfish, and so on. It’s a terrible system, redeemed only by being better than all of the others.

    The Lords is the perfect foil, even in its current semi-vandalised form. Until recently it was preposterously cheap, and we got a range of well-educated, achievers (in the main) who wanted not much more than the considerable fringe benefits on offer.

    The Monarchy is of course entirely ridiculous, and there’s no logical case for it at all. Aside from the fact that it seems to work, is still working in a variety of different countries, and has been working for around a thousand years.

    The US system seems to be under much greater strain than the UK’s (or Canada’s, or Australia’s, etc).

    I don’t think the Queen can properly be described as German either … rumour has it that she does have a sense of humour, and her attitude to queueing is unlikely to be confirmed. My guess is that she’s most at home in Scotland.

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