Allow me to translate this for you

I like being outside the fray of party politics. I wasn’t born with a sufficient capacity for compromise to believe that any political party has all the answers to all questions.

No one who has ever met me will allow me into their group a second time.

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  1. Not being a committed follower of Ritchie, I can’t answer this myself, but maybe someone here can:

    If he’s not party aligned, and recognises that no single party has all the answers, when did he last support an idea of the Tories had?

  2. He has fiu d it convenient, above all financially, to declare himself above the fray. It will be harder to do so as he is now ‘The Creator of Corbynomics’

  3. Now then,

    Fair enough, if like me, no serious current party remotely reflects my views, then dont join them. But I do have ‘sufficient capacity for compromise’ to join a party did reflect my view enough for me to feel as if I could join them.

    Not having ‘sufficient capacity for compromise’ in politics is a terrible boast, makes someone sound like a fanatic.

  4. John Square,
    Every other day. He flip-flops between issues so much that he has (wittingly or not) supported Tory, Labour, LibDem, Green, SNP, and Monster Raving Loony Party proposals at one time or another.

  5. The Meissen Bison

    I wasn’t born with a sufficient capacity for compromise

    At the risk of taking one of Murphy’s utterances seriously, one isn’t born with a capacity for compromise, one acquires it as soon as one begins to interact with others.

    The child who is a petulant, over-indulged bully may never acquire this capability and tends to be increasingly ostracized as an adult.

  6. John Square, a couple of weeks ago, when he was gibbering about the Labour Party paying down the National Debt, it was pointed out to Him that he was now supporting austerity. He, candidly, rejected that assertion. He can simultaneously believe in increasing government spending, increasing taxes, reducing the Debt, and claiming that there is no need ever to balance the books. It is impossible to debate with him because he holds all positions at the same time. His interview with Andrew Neil had him saying that PQE was not inflationary, but that the UK needed some inflation, so PQE was a necessary policy.

  7. “Not having ‘sufficient capacity for compromise’ in politics is a terrible boast, makes someone sound like a fanatic.”


  8. “I promise you I’m not the greatest teacher (although rumour has it my students like me)

    And I sure as heck have a lot to learn”

    Sociopath, sycophant, psychopath…take your pick.

  9. Isn’t that better than being a failed politician? Not only attempting to be “someone that ought to be hung”, but someone who has FAILED to become “someone who ought to be hung”.

    What’s more a failed European “someone who ought to be hung”.

    Eh, Timmy. Yet another thing you got wrong. A failed UKIP wannabe when UKIP were rising.

    Easy to play the bully when you can’t even compete against Murphy

  10. I can remember Murphy saying “We must rescue the party from the Blairites”.
    I can’t imagine what sort of party he was talking about – a Mad Hatter’s tea party? a Golden Jubilee street party? a fancy dress party?

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