Corporate destruction like electricity, abundant food, a higher standard of living…. just gorgeous how thick as pigshit some of our elected representatives are.

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  1. Ahh, yes Mr Nicholson, unlike their state of the art health service (yes, really).

    Paid for, of course, solely by the taxes of hard working Cubans. Oh yes.

    Or, in a land where a rusty wheel nut is a precious spare part, perhaps not…

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Death Before Starbucks! Forward Comrades.

    The torture and murder are a feature, not a bug.

  3. SNP.

    Selected (and electorally anointed) simply due to purity in and for the cause.

    Nothing else is required and the capability for rational thought is a positive disadvantage.

    Mind you – if they had won the referendum, we’d be looking at becoming bit like a cold, wet and without the hope of capitalism arriving version of Cuba next week some time?

  4. Good, at last, to see Obama tackling the single thorniest foreign policy issue the West is facing even if it means ignoring the others.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    John Kerry is going to meet the f**king FARC. I can’t believe it. How incompetent are these idiots?

  6. ah yes, the fabulous Cuban health system.

    a) the bits that foreigners get to see are reserved for senior party members, not the proles who have far worse facilities

    b) the much-vaunted infant mortality rate (lower than the US, dontchernknow) is achieved by routinely terminating babies that show any sign of disability and not even counting deaths that happen in the first few days after birth (disabled babies who make it to term appear to be routinely allowed to die so as not to spoil the stats or burden The Courageous State).

    And people say the Tories are into eugenics?

  7. also, toilet paper is a decadent Western luxury the supply of which to Venezuela is being strangled by neoliberals, neocons, neo-Fascists, neo-Nazis, wreckers, capitalists, saboteurs, Bilderbergers, the Illuminati and Zionists, as any fule kno.

  8. Why label this as stupidity Tim? When it is a pure expression of evil.

    Any PM worth a damn would smash the SNP over their “commissar for every child ” antics and the “Police Scotland” combined force nascent-KGB they have created..

    And if the people of Scotland would rather have socialist tyranny than freedom–then to hell with them.

    Socialism is the second-best substitute for Satan’s kingdom anyway.

  9. I’m sorry. But that’s just sick.

    Remember that these people are every bit as bad as the nazis they profess to hate, they’ve just convinced themselves they’re not.

  10. And when the Cubans finally get some semblance of freedom and material satisfaction, these f*ckers will bemoan it.

  11. “Police Scotland” combined force nascent-KGB

    Not unusually, Mr E is being excessive.

    Here he has an excessive faith in the competence of Scots plod. Frankly, all that is happening is that we are being increasingly policed as if we were a particularly virulent sink estate on the Weegian fringe.

  12. @SE: yes, failing to recognise that the policing needs of, say, Lochaber are different to those of Castlemilk.

    Police Scotland got rid of the specialist burglary investigation team in Edinburgh and, surprise surprise, housebreaking shot up. The team were reinstated and housebreaking went down because the locals knew exactly who was likely to be responsible.

    Kenny McCaskill must be one of the most incompetent people ever to hold public office.

  13. The thought of such an epsilon semi-moron representing a constituency in my country makes me cringe, but I only have to think of constituencies represented by the likes of Diane Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Keith Vaz to derive some consolation.

  14. Bloke in North Dorset

    “John Kerry is going to meet the f**king FARC. I can’t believe it. How incompetent are these idiots”

    Tea bag diplomacy? Or given he region coffee cup diplomacy?

    Anyway, if Cuba’s such a paradise how come there aren’t stories of boat loads of immigrants heading that way, rather than exiting the place?

  15. @BinD,

    The US is a sh1thole and Cuba is paradise. Which is why the boats go towards florida. Which is the fault of Yanqui propaganda, which is banned in Cuba….

    Or something.

    If you were taught logic by a pretzel.

  16. Ironman: it’s difficult to choose who the worst SNP MP is. At the moment it’s a close run thing between “Dr” Paul Monaghan, Natalie McGarry and Corrie Wilson. Look up Monaghan if you want a laugh.

    Tasmina Sheikh (awful shouty woman that was on QT last week) is just the usual over ambitious pushy politician: she previously ran for the Tories but figured the SNP was the best chance of getting elected.

    Michelle Thomson is a thick IT project manager who somehow convinced people she was a business expert.

    Mhairi Black is a shouty student lefty who, because she was elected so young, will never get the chance to grow out of her teenage views.

    In contrast, Stewart Macdonald seems like a good guy: fairly sensible and liberal.

    But in general, no, I’m not a fan of the SNP.

  17. Ironman

    The SNP has become a cult and many of its adherents are utterly beyond any reason, reasoned arguments that conflict with the doctrinaire cult philosophy, or any other reasonable thought or action.

    The SNP is very good at implanting the idea in the minds of its subnormal, deranged, packdog followers that support for the SNP is coterminous with patriotism.

    We are now an obviously and visibly divided country where previous divisions that existed were not usually apparent.

    For that I despise the SNP and the wee Lego Heid that is its chief ranting shouty figurehead at the moment.

    Actually Lego Heid is unfair, as Sturgeon has just had a new hairstyle and that insult no longer fits.

  18. “Surely even a Labour MP can’t be stupid enough to believe that what Cubans need is less capitalism. Surely?”

    It costs him nothing to do so, yet he derives many benefits – virtue signalling amongst his chosen peer group, not having to confront wrong ideas for forty years, maybe even the odd freebie “fact-finding” mission to Cuba, who knows?

    All the costs are bourne by Cubans, who are conveniently far away and foreign.

  19. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Cuba has a maximum wage. It is currently about $29. A month. That’s twenty quid. Nicolson should be stuck on an inner tube and set adrift in the Straits of Florida.

  20. Oh yes. Dr Paul Monaghan seems like a really nice guy. Maltreatment of the elderly and vulnerable sexual harassment of staff and the now – obligatory anti-semitism.

  21. A couple of my friends have had holidays in Cuba,before they bore me to tears with the photos and whatnot i firstly ask them why they went to a prison camp for a holiday.

  22. Because marc, Cuba is authentic, real, vibrant, cheap, authentically vibrant and very very cheap. (I’m told, though I haven’t been myself).

    Given a brush with capitalism, the populace will probably want all sorts of dreadful soul-crushing appliances like what we have to endure in the West. Tragic.

    Besides, with greater prosperity, prices will rise as the differential reduces, which will hugely increase the cost of virtue-signalling. Which is no fun either.

    There’s always Vietnam.

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