Great New York Times Headlines

Third of Children in Syria Born During War, Report Finds

Err, yes?

Childhood is to what, 15? 16? 18?

War’s been going on 5 years…..

15 thoughts on “Great New York Times Headlines”

  1. Does seem rather irresponsible to knock little ‘uns out when things are in such a mess though. Particularly to carry on knocking out at pre-crisis levels.

    Was the article hinting at that, maybe?

  2. Yep, not disagreeing that people get an increased urge to get jiggy with it during times of stress.

    Doesn’t mean kiddies have to be made, accidents aside, as a result of the seeing-tos generated though. That’s the bit that could be seen as irresponsible.

    Unless the war’s wiped out their johnny supply…

  3. I think there’s an opposite effect – we could be dead tomorrow, better get busy.

    That, plus the power is usually knocked out. Not much to do once darkness falls if you don’t have electricity.

  4. Having just read the article, it doesn’t go anywhere with the “one third” bit specifically, nothing insightful.

    It’s like they just threw it in, but didn’t use it to make any particular point.

  5. @Tim Newman
    I wish we were having a civil war.

    Or a power cut.

    Actually… The way the grid is being managed at the moment- I predict a spike in births in a couple of years.

  6. Said spike then followed by the government complaining about the pressure on schools, hospitals etc., with no acknowledgement that it would’ve been cheaper for them just to keep the lights on.

  7. Child mortality rate has risen because of the conditions that people find themselves in, that spurs an increase in birthrate.

  8. What do you reckon has the bigger effect? War making people randy, or people directly wanting to make up losses caused by the war?

    ‘Cos randy alone means sending condoms with aid might help. Not so much if the babies are intentional.

  9. So, if child is to age 15 and 1 third have been born in the last 5 years, then nothing has changed, has it?
    So what journalist with an agenda is misusing stats?

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