Hurrah! It’s International Womens’ Day!

So, where’s my sammich?

10 thoughts on “Hurrah! It’s International Womens’ Day!”

  1. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Here, it is Lady Day. Perhaps some feminist posturing in the university cities but otherwise, family expeditions to a good restaurant or a fine lunch at home.

  2. IWD is the day to confiscate her car keys. Because she doesn’t need to drive to get from the kitchen to the bedroom.

  3. So, where’s my sammich?

    Shouldn’t that question be more properly addressed to your wife Timmy?

    After all, isn’t that why you got married? Sex and sammiches?

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    So we are celebrating International Women’s Day by forcing the head of the Sunderland football club, Margaret Byrne, to resign because she knew about Adam Johnson’s rape allegations and let him play on for a year?

    Way to go Sisters!

    It works no matter which way you look at this. Either she was being cruel to the victim or the Twitter mob, mainly female I am guessing, is being mean to her. Either way, it proves Al Bundy’s rule that no one hates women as much as other women.

  5. Actually I suspect Byrne probably believes the official view of Adam Johnson as a “monster”. I’m a Sunderland supporter myself but I’m disgusted with the club for not telling the baying harpies to fuck off. The lad might have been stupid, but he’s getting 5 years for getting off with a 15 year old girl who was getting exactly what she wanted.

    There will always be loads of girls like that. I remember a school trip to Germany when I was 14 and getting a wank from one such girl on the coach. She had to keep checking to make sure the (female) teacher wasn’t looking, which she occasionally was, but we carried on anyway. Great fun.

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