An independent report into the sexual abuse of young girls in Bristol by Somali men has found that authorities were “slow to recognise” the level of child exploitation.

Health professionals, social workers, police and teachers were criticised for the “considerable delay at times in identifying what was happening and understanding the nature and extent of abuse” the young girls, aged between 13 and 17, were experiencing.

The report highlighted a number of shortcomings by the authorities whose multi-agency working “was not joined up”, the review said.

It also said that national policy was “confused”, making it difficult for the differences between sexual abuse and consensual underage sexual activity to be recognised by the authorities.

I thought that the point about underage was that consent couldn’t be given? Which is why that footballer is just starting a 6 year sentence without ever actually having had sex with the underage?

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  1. I think it means ‘Well, different cultures do things differently, and we have to understand that they might not have Western moral standards but they are just as valid as ours, you horrible racist, how very dare you suggest we do something about it!’

  2. I don’t want to sound all IanB, but sexual abuse of 16 and 17 year – olds? Either it’s rape or it’s sex; they are not children.

  3. I guess your point is 6 years if you’re a footballer and you finger a 15 year – old fan; if you’re an immigrant and the girl is in he tender mercies of social services they’ll take two years wondering whether it was consensual sex.

  4. “Police in Bristol told the authors of being “under pressure” as a consequence of government spending cuts and austerity.”

    Bullshit. I expect such ‘austerity’ had no effect on diversity outreach, Twitter policing, traffic offences (fines) and other much more important activities than protecting girls from being raped by inconvenient minorities.

  5. Just a point: I wonder if the Somalia chaps were very close in age to the girls. Two 17 year old bumping uglies isn’t generally abuse.

  6. It is illegal for under 16s to engage in sexual activity with each other but formal policy is that is not prosecuted if the sex was consensual.

    Consent can be given but it has differing legal implications dependent upon circumstances.

  7. To comprehend this behaviour it is necessary to know the traditional culture from which it springs. A good source is;

    Ancient Somalis used the term ‘rape’ when girls were sexually assaulted, or when a man violently forced a woman/girl to have sex without her consent. Many people thought that rape codes were too stringent and too harsh, in that any man convicted of rape was not subjected to punishment of a lenient nature. For example, it was a matter of complete surprise and shock when a girl’ s breast was touched against her will. Any man found guilty of such a crime was severely beaten with sticks by both women and men. Usually, the rapist was liable to heavy fine depending on the category of the victim, ”
    The assumption is that men are compulsive rapists and women can only be protected by close personal control and draconian sanctions against transgressors. So, when these restraints are removed then men naturally discharge the obligations that the culture expects of them, which is our emergent observation.
    We could adopt the methods embedded in the culture –
    “(1) A girl of pre-adolescent age (under 15 years) was compensated for with 15 she-camels.
    (2) A maiden, bethrothed to a man, but not wedded yet: 15 she-camels
    (3) A woman whose husband had died, who was still dressed in mourning attire: 15-she camels.
    (4) An elderly woman, enfeebled by her years: 15 she-camels
    (5) A woman who nursed a baby boy: 50 camels
    (6) A maiden of marriageable age who, nonetheless, is neither married nor betrothed to anyone was to be compulsorily married to her assailant with payment of the full bride price she would have normally fetched. If he refused to do so, then he was obligated to pay her full blood compensation, amounting to 50 camels. ”
    -if so I will move my pension fund into camel farming.

  8. I don’t think it’s necessary to delve into Somali cultural history to understand what has happened. Any culture which doesn’t shame (socially punish) blokes who shag under-age girls will have more of them than a culture which does.

    Which is why, for all the outcry about our poor footballer, I’d rather see him punished than let off. Although six years is a bit harsh for fingering a girl not far off her 16th birthday.

  9. “. . . consensual underage sexual activity to be recognised by the authorities.”

    It may be the confusion of being separated by a common language, but in the US consensual underage sexual activity is only possible if all parties involved are underage.

    Meaning it doesn’t matter if she said yes at 16 if you’re 18 or older.

    The only thing that yes does for you is turn it from rape-rape to statutory-rape.

  10. “diogenese2
    March 25, 2016 at 2:17 pm

    So, when these restraints are removed then men naturally discharge the obligations that the culture expects of them”

    I’m all for the ‘Napier’ method of intercultural integration.

    It is, in my opinion, one of the major reasons why the US has far less of a problem (*fingers crossed* so far) from Muslim extremists. Most of us do not accept the ‘separate but equal’ premise of multiculturalism.

  11. Andrew M;
    “Any culture which doesn’t shame (socially punish) blokes who shag under-age girls will have more of them than a culture which does.” The point is that village islam does, necessarily. however the breaking of the culture by the Jihadi has created nihilistic anarchy which many are fleeing. Read the link, if you can bear it.Unfortunately amongst them are those from whom they flee. It is our problem that we cannot tell the difference.
    Steve and Henry; also recently retired slavers, this still being practiced there. Home to roost for Bristol – the North African arabs being their major suppliers.

  12. I thought that the point about underage was that consent couldn’t be given?

    For children over 13 and under 16, consent is relevant in UK law. “Sexual activity with a child” is still a serious offence, but at least it’s not rape or sexual assault, as it would be had consent not been given.

    The offence is less serious in law if the perpetrator is under 18. And it’s unlikely to be prosecuted if both parties are under 16, so that if either is guilty they both are.

  13. AndrewM

    Don’t get me wrong, I have no time at all for the ‘poor little footballer’ line. It’s just consistency and fairness I would like to see.

  14. Ironman – there is consistency though.

    The authorities are consistently trying to ignore, cover up, or explain away Muslim crimes.

  15. Channel 4 found that 80% of Somalis live on benefits, deporting them all would save a lot of money . If not they could become bodyguards for politicians.

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