Just how political can charity grants be?

I met a member of the shadow cabinet yesterday who, I suspect, is more inclined to the current Labour leadership than most and he complained of drift, and begged me to spend more time in Westminster.

7 thoughts on “Just how political can charity grants be?”

  1. He is fucking hilarious. Has there ever been a more self-important, puffed-up, pompous prick outside the realms of Wodehouse?

    Richard, mate – people are LAUGHING AT YOU.

  2. Shad Cab Mem: Hi Richard.
    Murphy: …as I was saying the other day…
    Murphy: …I, me, neoliberals, I, me, candidly…
    Murphy: …I, me, me, I, candidly…
    SCM (finally): You really ought to spend more time in Westminster? Oh, my wife’s on the phone.

  3. I second this mysterious shadow cabinet unicorn he may have met. More time in Westminster means less time for him on his blog. The world wins.

  4. Is this like the financial journalists who he speaks to who just happen to ask him exactly the question that allows him to spraff up his vile mess?

    Or the junior doctor/nurse/teacher who he spoke to who asked him to explain an economic concept tha he just happened to have 1000 words already written on?

    It may have been one of the anti-Corbyn MPs. They might be thinking that having a lunatic like Murphy hanging around will make it clearer to those swithering that they have to get rid of Corbyn and McDonnell.

  5. Richard Murphy

    The Hyacinth Bucket of the Tax World..

    In fact, Moorphy rhymes quite nicely with Bouquet

  6. He is regretting rejecting the position in the Mcdonnell team now me thinks – especially as it looks odds on a Corbyn government in 2020 now…. Too much pride Coneghan’s before a fall….

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