Just one drop is alive and well in the US

Somehow I thought we’d moved on from this:

Social workers SEIZE sobbing girl, 6, from her home of five years in adoption race row: Devastated white foster family forced to give up their daughter by court because she is 1.5% Native American

Lexi, a six-year-old with one-and-a-half per cent Choctaw blood has been removed from her foster parents of five years

One assumes, given the normal Amerind coiffure, that if the pencil falls out of the hair then she can be seized?

36 thoughts on “Just one drop is alive and well in the US”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    White people have given up race. Everyone else has not. This is hardly a surprise. It has been well documented that British authorities will not place BME children with White families. There have been complaints about this since the 80s since that means a lot of children are not adopted.

    But the Australians take the cake. I am not sure I remember the details but in the north somewhere a 12 year old indigenous girl had been gang raped. The judge and the prosecutor said that she probably wanted it and so the dozen boys and men got a slap on the wrist. But she had previously been gang raped and then fostered with a White family. But the Social refused to allow a White family to keep her so they took her back to be gang raped again.

  2. Jesus christ. 1/64th.

    I’m supposedly 1/16th amerindian, which supposedly came into the family around 1900 after my great grandpa came back from the Canadian gold rush with a ruby-skinned bastard son who would have been my great grandpa. Back in the day nobody said a word about it and he was accepted as legitimate into the family (a middle-class mercantile/white collar Yorkshire family) without a word being mentioned since it would have been too embarassing. Bet the neighbours gossiped though!

  3. There’s a certain story that great great great grandma enjoyed a dalliance with a mestizo in Peru as her husband at the time died up in the mountains. Certainly g g granma passed on a certain Amerind strain to successive generations. If true (no one at all knows although one of ggg granma’s children’s birth certs does note “born 11 months after husband’s death”, bit of a goer she was apparently) that would make me more Amerind than this child.

  4. But I’m sure it is all politically correct.

    A great day for American liberals, minorities and, yuck!

  5. So removing a person from a building because they are the wrong colour (‘Whites only’) is the racism of the vilest order, but removing a child from a building because it is the wrong colour is……………Bueller? Anyone?

  6. What were the odds of them trying this in a State where the family were armed, and the people outside supporting them were armed? Pretty much zero.

  7. Pure non-white races and mixed races are celebrated by the Guardianstas.

    Pure white races are despised and must be eliminated by inter-race breeding.

  8. White people have given up race.

    Progressive whites have. The rest are denied the right to express a preference.

  9. Extended relatives? where were they when..?

    Dad opted out, too, wow?

    How many years with the foster family?

    Who wouldn’t litigate to keep theor family together?

    Yeah, I believe it. The ‘extended family’ (exactly how extended?) have got the best interests of the kid at heart. Course they have. Any welfare payments linked to ‘recovering the child’? Nasty mind I’ve got.

    I accept I am going on only a tiny part of the info., but it stinks.

  10. “The Choctaw thing seems to be a legal technicality the relatives have found to win the fight.”

    Oh, it’s just a technicality: that’s alright then.

    Are we are safe in assuming that this technicality</em) arises from the kind of racially-discriminating legislation so beloved of SJWs?

  11. @ SJW
    *Not* relatives of the child. Relatives of someone married to someone else who is a relative of the child. And not Native American.
    Also your reports say that they have several times visted the child who, despite or maybe even as a result of this, desperately wants to stay with her foster parents.
    This is Law, not Justice.

  12. Well you could knokc me down with a feather when you find out that so called progressives have implemenetd a blatantly racist law.

    “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference… I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years”.


  13. I doubt it’s in the best interests of the child to be taken away from the family she’s lived with for as long as she can remember. But this is not a case of heavy-handed state intervention; it’s a custody battle between two would-be adoptive families. Part of the problem is that the case has dragged through the courts for three years.

  14. Part of the problem is that the case has dragged through the courts for three years.

    So it is the state fucking with people’s lives then, just not for a reason that even you might have trouble justifying.

  15. @ dearieme
    No, you may not – these are just litigious Americans playing legal games. The race element is a technicality – the alleged biological father was allegedly one-thirty-second Choctaw (five generations from a pure-blood) and the mother sufferd substance abuse. In the circumstances I should demanded a DNA analysis to check whether the child actually had any Choctaw DNA.
    Racism is, at best, a cover-up.
    OMG, I am saying racism is less bad than these lawyers/people!

  16. @ SJW
    OK – mostly agree. Except that the would-be adoptive parents that the child does NOT want are using a piece of OTT legislation to over-rule natural justice.
    In the Madonna-Guy Ritchie-Rocco case the English judge told Madonna and Guy Ritchie to go away and sort things out, but California has *no* regard for the wishes of the child.

  17. Given the US state’s usual attitude to people that challenge its judgements, the Page family and their supporters can probably count themselves lucky that no one got shot.

  18. “these are just litigious Americans playing legal games. The race element is a technicality”: I think you’re missing the point. The assumption that such an argument should have any purchase in a court of law is Nazi nonsense.

  19. @ dearieme
    AFAIK the South Africans and the Nazis didn’t check on those who were less than 1/32nd black/Jewish. There was a newspaper article about a “black” (Cape Coloured) couple who had a white baby and the baby was registered as white – because she was white although her parents looked black.
    So this is more racist than the Nazis.

  20. One assumes, given the normal Amerind coiffure, that if the pencil falls out of the hair then she can be seized?

    Uh, wat?

    A pencil is not going to stay in a Native American’s hair anymore than it would in the majority of other American citizen’s.

    However this is* a product of the messed up and contentious history the US has with the Indian Nations. Its why they can get away with peyote and bald eagle feathers, reservations are distinct political entities not subject to the authority of the states they are bordered by, Graves Repatriation Act, etc.

    It *sounds* fucked up and racist (and it is), but what happened here is something the *Native Americans* fought very hard to make possible – to prevent the recurrence of ‘residential schools’.

  21. “Ian B
    March 22, 2016 at 12:36 pm

    White people have given up race.

    Progressive whites have. The rest are denied the right to express a preference.”

    You guys have a weird understanding of the US and US ‘liberals’.

    White liberals have sooooo not given up race. They’ve hopped on the grievance bandwagon with the rest – its just they hate *their own* race. Not *them* of course – they’re one of the good ones. Its all the rest of those horrible white people that need correction. They’re ‘allies’.

  22. IIRC the Nazis only went to 1/16th (I seem to recall something about 16 dots on some kind of crests indicating that everyone up to great-great grandparents were certified as Aryan).

    (and I think I missed a “great” above on my family story… Will have to check with my mother who remembers the bastard son in question, who tanned a deep ruby red at the slightest lick of the Yorkshire sun)…

  23. “Tim Worstall
    March 23, 2016 at 7:31 am

    It’s a joke: about the apartheid method of measuring race.”

    Oh, I knew the source – its just . . . doesn’t quite fit *mechanically, even if its close spiritually.

    Still, instead of being pushed to ensure the ruling elite’s ability to oppress a majority, these laws were pushed by a minority with the intention to *protect* themselves from the deliberate cultural destruction we’d been haphazardly embarking on – with the best intentions of course.

    And of course, like all power grabs, the protections morphed into privileges and weapons to be used to enable further power grabs.

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