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100% of top Treasury officials based in London

Appalling eh? Government has top officials of a department where the department actually is shocker!

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  1. In this day and age there is nothing to stop a Treasury official being based in Manchester, Newcastle or Derry. One or two days a week with colleagues in London, use of IT sensibly and he/she can do their job very easily.

    One of the, er, criticisms of this blog by the moron at Tax Research UK is that it’s host is based in Portugal. We don’t need to ape that cretin do we?

  2. Isn’t it where the expenses claims are much larger and the benefits and allowances are bigger, and less-scrutinised?

  3. I thought civil “servants” were routinely posted to London near the ends of their careers, as that would give them the salary boost and therefore a higher final-salary pension.

    And it’s no surprise that top officials are nearer the ends of their careers.

  4. @Ironman

    You’d have thought so, but remote/home working is bugger all to do with technology nowadays, but more about mindset and culture. It wouldn’t surprise me if a chunk of these officials had a lady to send email for them.

  5. Whether the job can be done remotely depends very much on the job itself. I haven’t a clue what top treasury officials do, so I wouldn’t claim that it can be done just as effectlvely from the end of a phone.

  6. what top treasury officials do

    They brief and debrief Ministers and other officials. The verbal and written kind of brief obviously, not (allegedly) the underpants kind.

  7. Sack them all sans compo and confiscate their pensions.

    Then the scum can base themselves wherever they can find a place to put their cardboard box.

  8. I spent time working in the Treasury. A typical ‘senior civil servant’ will lead a spending team (i.e. a team responsible for a certain area of government spending) facing off against an assigned department.

    Stupid idea to move the spending teams anywhere other than where ministers, other spending teams and most importantly where the department they face off against is.

    Some other parts *could* be moved, but really not much point. The majority of Treasury staff are young and low cost and having them elsewhere would save very little in salary costs and just add on expenses for travel and relocation.

    I know its fashionable on this blog to bash civil servants and think they’re all scum, but my direct experience (to be fair I was one of them for a while) is that they’re all dedicated and hard working. Inexperienced in some cases and maybe a little arrogant, but pretty good at their jobs.

  9. The average CS is just trying to earn a living and quite often not all that good a one. The state offers a living and ordinary people apply for the job. Most in society can’t see the evil that is the state and the average CS is no different. Their jobs should be gradually phased out over time as the state is reduced more and more.

    The Senior Civil Service are however SCUM. These are the crew who come up with the tinpot tyranny the polit vermin then spew as if they thought of it.

    The SCS deserve far worse than mere financial ruin.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Why the talk about working from hoe and then travelling, why not set up an office somewhere, say Grimsby and move a whole team.

    Andy H, I have been working with the civil service recently. Maybe one or two need to have regular and direct contact with their minsters and other department civil servants but not all. Also they really are top heavy, with Permanent Secretaries, Directors and CEOs. You could make a case for them being in London, and maybe their direct reports, given how good WebEx and other teleconferencing facilities are its a weak case, but its hard to see the need below that.

    And its not just about saving on salaries, there’ office space in central London and they are adding to the housing shortage and commuting.

  11. Andy H

    My theory is that Ecksy had traumatic potty-training. Hence the often excremental rages. That said, when he’s not in a rage, he can be acute and entertaining. I suspect that he forgets to take his medication on some days.

  12. The difficulty here is the so-called “availability heuristic” – that is, that people tend to rely on their own personal experience in arriving at general rules.

    So if you base the Treasury team in London then they’ll be predisposed to offer national solutions based on their experience of local concerns.

    That’s why, I would suggest, the Treasury is so keen on Crossrail and HS2 – they both reflect a London-centric view of the UK. (Further examples available to order.)

    And that’s also why it would be a good idea for some elements of the Treasury to be based outside of the South East.

  13. Obviously the best thing to do is have the entire parliament decamp to Berwick-upon-Tweed for one week every month, with as many civil servants as possible joining them. If it’s good enough for the EU…

  14. Theo:

    Your theories–as you have previously revealed–stem from your own long immersion in the ordure that is the Conservative Party. Were simple-minded and self-destructive snobbery a physical disease you would be its Typhoid Mary.

    Andy H: You sound like a fairly standard apparatchik. Engaged no doubt in work of vital national importance–in your own opinion. And the opinion of the SCS scum you hob-knob (sic) with.

    And as for what your lovely buddies are doing to create my rage–stealing a lolly? Try our money, our freedom, our country and our future. Shame you are too busy cashing the cheques to care.

  15. As the Palace of Westminster is falling down and needs a shedload of cash spending on it the Houses of Parliament should be moved to the East Midlands.
    There is plenty of space, an airport and fast trains to/from London.
    To encourage the move the BBC should make it policy that camera crews will travel no further south than Watford Gap for Government/political spokespersons.

    The Palace itself should be sold off and turned into a tourist hotel.

  16. Andy H:

    I don’t know about Mr Ecks, but the bastards have been stealing approximately 50% of the lollies I’ve made throughout my lifetime and show no signs of letting up.

  17. @Bloke in North Dorset

    The Treasury is a very different department to all the others in its size and the way it operates. It’s structure is pretty flat (Perm sec -> Dir G -> Dir ->Team lead -> Team members) and staff numbers for each area low but efficient considering its remit to face off against the rest of central government. If I think about the depts I worked with (for example HMRC, DWP, DECC, BIS, DCMS etc) it’s a very different beast.

    @Arthur Teacake
    The Treasury’s job is to stop other departments spending / wasting money. Seems like a good job to have in Government to me, no matter what your view of how well they do their job.

    @Mr Ecks
    Never been called an apparatchik before. I quite like that. I’ve spent more of my career in the private sector than public and am currently working with a global car company but don’t let that get in the way of your fun. And keep taking the medication.

  18. “The Treasury’s job is to stop other departments spending / wasting money. ”

    You have the brass neck to talk about others being on medication?

    You should ask your Doc if he has some anti-hallucinogenic compounds that might put you back in touch with reality.

  19. Intractable Potsherd

    @ Mr Ecks – despite us having differences of opinion on some things, we definitely concur on this topic! Senior Civil Servants are blight on the country – too much power, too little accountability, and promoted on the Old School Tie principle. They have little regard for the population, and, as a group, should be first up against the wall – yes, before cabinet ministers (but only just), because where do you think the ministers get their ideas from, and why don’t policies change with new incumbents? The country is effectively run by people who are protected by anonymity, and who we have no way of removing short of revolution.

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