My word, what a surprise!

European Union aid to halt migration is so poorly managed that Jean-Claude Juncker’s officials are unable to say how much has been spent, a scathing report has found.
The finding by the European Court of Auditors came as leaders gathered in Brussels to haggle over €6 billion of aid to Turkey. Britain is prepared to pay its share of £500 million, in exchange for Turkey accepting the deportation of tens of thousands of asylum seekers and economic migrants.
An estimated €1.4 billion of EU overseas aid was spent in countries such as Algeria, Georgia, Moldova, Morocco and Ukraine on Europe’s periphery in order to halt migration between 2007 and 2013.
But the report warned the projects are poorly designed, badly managed, chaotically supervised and, as a result, are often ineffective.
A €3 million project in Georgia to help deported migrants found permanent jobs for just 83 people out of a target of 700, while just 13 migrants used temporary accommodation designed for 180 people.

Pissing away other peoples’ money is easy enough. But national politicians do at least have to stand up and explain why and how they’re taking the money off the populace. Get yourself one further level up, one more remove away from the connection between shaking down the people and spending the moolah and of course it’ll be sprayed over the countryside to no great effect.

5 thoughts on “My word, what a surprise!”

  1. “A €3 million project in Georgia to help deported migrants found permanent jobs for just 83 people out of a target of 700”

    Without seeing the source I can imagine any number of reasons for this. Migrants by definition don’t hold permanent jobs so doesn’t it make more sense to say that they have turned 83 into settlers?

  2. Issue being that for €3m you could pay 100 €15k for 2 years. If they couldn’t even manage to get 100 people into a job (where presumably someone else was paying the wage? And I bet they had to stay for a lot less than a year to be counted as “in work”) then what the hell are they doing with the money?

  3. So the Turks–who are at least partly responsible for allowing the flow to become a flood–have got 6 bill off the cowardly leftist scum who “lead” the West for allowing the RoPs to come over and then be shipped back. Some of them that is?

    It would be a huge joke were there anything remotely funny about it.

    The left must be destroyed.

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